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Mcshane Case Study

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s. McShane Case Study 4.1
1. Each one of the medical staff has different ways of dealing with the stress that they have to deal with. Each has found their own way of dealing with the emotions that go along with a position that deals with patients that need that extra emotional support. They accomplish their emotions by focusing on the task at hand which is taking care of the patient and letting them know that they are there for them to help them both mentally and physically. Most medical staff employees, who deal with the type of trauma that these three individuals deal with every day, have to find their own way to deal with their emotions. You can’t go to work and look at your patients and show emotions, because those patients rely on you ...view middle of the document...

People feel off of other people’s emotions, so you have to learn to separate your emotions.
3. Stress occurs when situations arise that challenges or threatens you and you have to find ways to handle those situations. Stress is something that can occur at any time or any place. You can be driving in a car and someone cuts you off and creates stress for you. At work and home, stress can be found in many forms and by many situations that create the stress. I think that people react differently to the many stresses that can come up in the course of a day or even a week. I think what one person may find as stressful, another person may not find it stressful or they find ways to overcome the stress. I feel the biggest stress outcome in these types of positions is job burnout. Most nurses and doctors work extremely long hours and after long hours and long days, a person’s body usually will react to the stress of the position. If you work as much as some of the medical staff works, you will eventually burn out because your body doesn’t have enough hours in a day or week to recover from those longs days. Another stress outcome I feel is a factor is work overload. There is not enough staff to cover the positions in most medical fields, so the staff has to work extra hours and take on additional cases to make up for the absence of those additional staff that they need to help lessen their workload. These people can try to minimize their stress by making sure they take their breaks and lunches to get away from the situation and to make the best use of their time away from work by enjoying that things they enjoy most in life. Having a hobby is a good stress reliever for most people and it does help you release some of the stresses of your day.

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