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Me And My Self Essay

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The dichotomy that 'people are same people are diferent' is subject to criticism.This is because in any workplace there are people of different age, sex, religion, gender, natonality, culture among others.This then brings much questions on those that support the idea that people are the same.Although people may be the same in a certain category for example race, it is impossible for people to be same throughout.This therefore supports those who say people are different. Managing diversity is very crucial if an organisation wants to attain a better level of achievement as well as boosting their morale. If an organisation wants to manage diversity it has to observe legal and policy ...view middle of the document...

In order for an organisation to progress well ,and make profits, it should understand the idea that people can not be the same and hence should thrive to make profits using this advantage. In the case of race and gender, it is important to note that people differs, for example in one organisation it is not surprising to find people of different colours. In Zimbabwe, the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Cooperation(ZBC) has a variety of black people and some few white people like Dave Emperton which there fore clarifies the view that a people's race differs from one organisation to the other .Moving on , the issue of gender need to be understood with the fact that it is rare to find an organisation that is made up of males or females only. This mean that there has to be a mixture of both sexes in order for an organisation to progress well.Thre is however need for the employer to come up with strategies that will accommodate their needs with their differences .Women for example they have needs to be with their family much more than men do hence the rules should be accommodative. Thus it can be noted that people differ from one place to the other.Not only that , the issue of age also matters in workplace diversity management. In a 2006 working paper done by Janet Polach the leader of the Leadership Solutions ,titled "its about their age not when they were born", age plays a major role for example veterans were those who had experiences of the world wars and they tend to be militant than generation Y which are the born frees. In Zimbabwe tis same situation is applicable where by in an organisation someone will be aged sixty and the other one twenty four. The former has had exposure to the war times and may be militant in his doing ,whilst the latter is cool and fresh from the university. These two will react differently when exposed to a situation due to their varying ages thus to a greater extend , people are different.Gardenswartz et al (2003) argued that culture varies from one person to the other and from organisation to organisation This implies the fact that each person comes from a culture which might differ from the next person. However there is need to converge these cultures in order to come up with on thing and avoid tensions. At an organisation like Great Zimbabwe University it is not a surprise to find someone from a Ndebele culture, Venda culture and obviously Shona. These are different people and their cultures need to be incorporated in the organisation so as to make them feel worthy and boost their morale. The same applies for religious difference for example if someone is from a roman catholic, another from an apostolic sect and the other from a Pentecostal church, and this may lead to conflicts if the difference is not well managed. Therefore the point...

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