Me As A Comelec Essay

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I. Co-Curricular Activities |
1. English Speaking Campaign | Not all students follow the rule about speaking English is a must | Stronger rule needs to be enforced about speaking English. |
2. Nutrition Month | The jingle was removed | Add the NM jingle again |
3. Intramurals | Dissing their opponents | Teach them to show sportsmanship |
4. Buwan ng Wika | | |
5. Science & Math | The activity is good and doesn’t show any weaknesses | More challenging challenges for the representatives of each level |
6. United Nations | It was a little bit boring, staying in the classroom to wait | Add more side events not just the living wax museum |
7. Book Week & English | Students treat this activity lightly | Encouraging the students to participate and give attention. |
8. Christmas Party | There were no fun games and majority of the students got bored. | ...view middle of the document...

Rosary Month | Everything went well | The living rosary should be there again. |
6. Outreach Program | The time spent with the Bosconian’s were only little | It needs more time to fully enjoy and befriend them. |
7. Feeding Program | | |
8. Tree Planting | The tree’s were planted near to each other and soil were not good. | The venue that has good sun exposure and water is needed. |
III. School Recognized Clubs and Organizations |
1. Supreme Student Council | They don’t have the self-confidence to scold mischievous kids in the campus. And they don’t reach out with the students. | To be responsible like the previous SSC and make sure to reach out more to the students and implement unity within students. |
2. Academic Clubs/ Organizations | The once a month meeting is not sufficient | At least once a week meeting like other schools is good. |
3. Religious Organizations | It’s quite unorganized and people are not disciplined, they just join in because it’s a must, they don’t join meetings.For short some aren’t punctual | Don’t force students to join if they aren’t interested, to avoid “gubot” |

Accomplishment Report
A.Y. 2015-2016

VI. Introduction
I am a proud member of the Comelec S.Y 2015-2016, this school year was really enjoyable
Because I was challenged and pulled out of my comfort zone, always remember that
Authority is not needed to lend a helping hand, as long as you’re willing and not
Expecting something in return, go for it!

VII. Duties and Responsibilities
* To be the ears of the students in need and to always lend a helping hand to the Dominican Family
VIII. Accomplishments
* Even though the SSC did not ask much for our help, I am proud to say that I volunteered with the arrangement of chairs in the Gym and in any events in the school
* Executing properly the tasks given to me by the teachers
IX. Weaknesses
* Not much coordination
X. Conclusion

As I said authorization is not needed to help, as long as you’re willing.

Prepared by:

Manuelito E. Delfinado
COMELEC – Member

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