Mealshare Project (E Business Marketing) Essay

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E-Marketing Plan: Mealshare
Connor Anderson, Marla Stephen, Paige Dinneen, Priya Gill,
Tram Nguyen, William Keenan Oatway
MacEwan University
November 27, 2013.
Marketing 414 CU01
Instructor: Jeff Ryan


Executive Summary 3

Situation Analysis 3
Environmental factors 3
Legal 3
Technological 4
Market Related 5

SWOT Analysis 6
Strengths 6
Weaknesses 6
Opportunities 7
Threats 7

E-Marketing Strategic Planning 8
Segmentation 8
Targeting 8
Differentiation 8
Positioning 8

Objectives 9

E-Marketing Strategies 10
Offer 10
Value 12
Distribution 14
Communication 14

Customer Relationship ...view middle of the document...

Situational Analysis
Environmental Factors
- Legal
* Consumers are concerned about their privacy online. This concern has caused governments to implement laws that protect consumers’ information, but these laws restrict the use of online tracking methods that advertisers use (Goldfarb et al 2011).
* Consumers can protect themselves from online tracking by using browser settings, using plug-ins, or paying for services that protects their privacy (Golemon et al 2011).
* Mobile marketing has consumers concerned due to the fact that it is easy to identify individual users, and the development of mobile technology is surpassing regulation developments (Varnali et al 2010).
* Interpretation of laws and regulations varies between different organizations, so how closely the organization adheres to them varies as well (Goldfarb et al 2011).
* There is a significant loss of effectiveness of online advertising when privacy regulation is enforced to change who the advertisements affect and what their stated purchase intent is (Goldfarb et al 2011).
* “The use of information technology is enhancing the ability of firms to harness market intelligence and to use it to facilitate business growth and strategy development.” (Blotnicky, 2009).
* “Consumers are turning away from traditional media such as TV, radio, or magazines and are increasingly using social media to search for information.” (Bruhn, Schoenmueller, & Schäfer, 2012).
* “The future of e-payment systems is hampered by many problems, most commonly noted as the lack of being “fit-for-purpose” as the reason why growth is inhibited” (Özkan, Bindusara, & Hackney, 2010).
* “User acceptance of technology depends on perceived usefulness (PU) and perceived ease of use (PEOU). PU is thus defined as “user’s opinion that after using a system it will increase a user’s job performance within an organization”, and PEOU is defined as “the expectation that the software is free of effort”” (Özkan, Bindusara, & Hackney, 2010).
* “Firms that are marketing-oriented are more likely to adopt Internet-based marketing technology and integrate it into the firm's marketing functions.” (Blotnicky, 2009).
- Market - Related
* A remarkable ninety-seven percent of charitable organizations are using some form of social media including blogs, podcasts, message boards, social networking, video blogging, wikis and Twitter” (Barnes et al 2010)
* “Non-profit organizations outpace business organizations in their use of social media” (Witzig et al 2012)
* “With a growing concern for corporate social responsibility (CSR), leading companies in various industries, driven by companies’ stakeholders, consumers, societies and governments, are accelerating initiatives to demonstrate their CSR commitments” (Kang et al 2010)
* “E-marketing provides faster exchange of information- E-environment gives businesses an opportunity to reach the selected target...

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