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McDermott, Diane; Winterowd, Carrie
A Model for the Treatment of College Age Children of



Evaluative/Feasibility (142)

MF01/PC01 Plus Postage.
Adults; College Students; Counseling Effectiveness;
*Group Counseling; Higher Education; *School
Counseling; *Young Adults
*Adult Children of Alcoholics


A session by session cognitive behavioral approach to
group treatment for college age children of alcoholics was presented.
Four groups ranging in size from four to eight persons participated
in these ...view middle of the document...

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I model for the treatment of college age
children of alcoholics

Diane McDermott and Carrie Winterowd
University of Kansas


Running head: College Age Children of Alcoholics


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College age children of alcoholics

A model for the treatment of college age
children of alcoholics

A session by session cognitive behavioral approach to group treatment for college age

children of alcoholics is presented. Four groups, over the course of two semesters, participated

in this program. The treatment is described as comprised of four stages: introductory,
informative, working and closing. Cognitive, behavioral and affectively oriented techniques
used to facilitate growth at each stage are described.

Assessment of efficacy utilized a pre-test/post-test design. Participants were given a seven
point Likert type scale based on Woititz' 13 characteristics. Spring groups were also asked to
rate the helpfulness of their group on a seven point scale and to state whether or not they would
either seek another ACOA group in which to participate or request further therapy.
Data were presented in terms of means for pre-test, post-test and the change between the

two scores. These data indicate a reduction in scores on the thirteen characteristics between the
beginning and the ending of treatment for all groups. In terms of perceived helpfulness,
participants gave a mean rating of 5.75 out of a possible seven points, indicating a general

perception of helpfulness. The majority of participants said they would either seek out another
ACOA group or would continue with some type of therapy.
There are few ACOA group programs presented in the literature that also include efficacy

measures whether for youth, adolescence or adulthood. College age, young adulthood, is an
especially challenging time in terms of developmental changes and their implications for a

healthy adult life. The counselor at the college level must provide resources for students to
resolve these difficult developmental issues, and for the college age child of an alcoholic home

the challenge is even greater. The program presented here may provide...

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