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Mean Movie Essay

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Mean Movie
By Elton James Y. Gagni

A typical movie about girls getting eaten by their own insecurities; that is what Mean Girls is all about. One minute you’re best friends and the next thing you know, you’re worst enemies. Released on the 4th of May year 2004 and adapted from the book written by Rosalind Wiseman, Director Mark Waters gives us a movie that shows how a home-schooled girl becomes a plastic in the most twisted way.
The story, plot and dialogues were pretty easy to understand since it was made to show the life of teenagers in a twisted way. I did not lose my interest while watching the movie for the simple reason that the presentation of the conflicts from one character ...view middle of the document...

Making use of those shots, story-telling definitely enhanced since every angle or shot showed a different aspect of the character on cam. Because of those shots, it became easier to deliver the message of how it is to be an ordinary girl and a not-so-ordinary girl. For the editing, basically cut-to-cut type a few fade in transitions, which definitely added to the story-telling process. Editing technique was pretty simple because from the shots taken, you could already do so much with them and minimal editing was only required. Sound and music pretty much played a part in terms of telling the mood of the scene and in distinguishing the atmosphere or emotion of the characters.
The actors’ portrayal of their roles is significantly impressive in a sense that they were able to deliver the role that each of them got. Lindsay Lohan’s new girl innocence, Rachel McAdams’s queen bee attitude, Lacey Chabert’s insecure best friend, Amanda Seyfried’s exaggeratedly dumb blonde, and even Tina Fey’s trying-hard-to-be-a-good-teacher attitude, everything just seemed to match and fit together perfectly! As for the costume, it really helped in showing Lindsay’s character development. As the movie progressed, she began to wear more and more provocative clothes as compared to the beginning of the movie where she was so conservatively dressed. Even though it showed character development, it also showed gender stereotype because of the type of body that they are trying to pull. The scene were Rachel tries fitting a dress from a store called 1-3-5, and finds herself not fitting even into a size 5 making it seem that she was now being exiled from the plastics.
Obviously, this movie was a high-budget one because of all shooting locations, costumes, extras, and even the artists. According to International Movie Database (IMDb) Lacey Chabert being the first and only choice for the role of Gretchen Weinner, Amanda Seyfried was the...

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