Meaningful Life And Its Meaning Essay

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Meaningful life and its meaning
Various number of definitions that have to do with the pursuit of satisfaction in life applies to a meaningful life. According to oxford dictionary meaning is the connection that links two independent entities. Major aspects that arise about this topic are belief that life itself is meaningful and a global way to understand one's life. Some scientists argue that people who possess a sense of meaning are likely to have minimum levels of negative emotions and their risk of contracting mental illness is reduced as well. Life bearers are realizing dominant life goals, valuable goals in that case, and enjoying ...view middle of the document...

Asking what is the significance of activities is like asking questions about its value or worth in the life of a human , the extent and kind of importance to be assigned to it and also where it is placed in human life; and asking what is it’s the meaning is like asking about its purpose or point and its nature. A good instance to start is at this idea of the relationship between meaning, purpose, and value. Considering the nature of what one must connect to live a meaningful life is the emphasized suggestion of this idea (Robinson).
When a person connects “with values or some things beyond his or her ability” and able to transcend individual limits, life becomes meaningful. There are two meanings that are relevant in this particular subject. First, intrinsic meaning that sets its standard with objective meaning in itself, apart from any connections with anything else. This suggests a tenacious approach to a meaningful life: anything that has meaning only by reference is rejected. The second meaning which sets a less exacting standard is objective meaningfulness (Robinson). Objective meaningfulness suggests that meaning requires a simple connection with something significant. Various reasons exist as to why objective meaningfulness is preferred to intrinsic meaningfulness.
Although, intrinsic meaningfulness is very attractive it has very crucial drawbacks that make it less preferable. First, it suggests that we accept nothing less than that which has intrinsic meaning. This creates a huge degeneration that would leave the question of meaning in doubt for eternity. The solution to avoiding the humongous regress and secure the true meaning of meaningful life is by connecting that which surrounds us, that which we cannot disassociate ourselves with, "the unlimited." It is practically viewed as an intrinsic meaningful since one cannot question its meaning. As Andrew argues the idea of unlimited may undermine instead of sustaining meaningful lives (Robinson).
The skepticism required, which seems unlikely to ever admit an answer, is also a related problem with intrinsic meaningfulness (Robinson). Such concerns are reflected in scientific knowledge, which rejects all knowledge and starts building new knowledge on the laws of reason and experience, does not give any other answer, an indefinite answer, to life apart from what I received. For this reason radical questioning is not likely to support meaningful life, we are better off without intrinsic meaningfulness as a standard for meaning in our lives.
Regress, which is so much encouraged by intrinsic meaningfulness, is limited by objective meaningfulness. It does not require that a connection must be with something that has meaning. Meaning by connection must be nontrivial, but there are many ways of being nontrivial without necessarily having intrinsic meaning. If something has value, it is nontrivial. Regress can be ended by accepting the limited transcendence in objective meaningfulness....

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