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Meaningful Use Legislation And The Impact On Healthcare Organizations

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Meaningful Use Legislation and the Impact on Healthcare Organizations
Application 2: Meaningful Use Paper

NURS8210-1, Transforming Nursing and Healthcare through Technology
October 1, 2016

Meaningful Use
In 2009, the government passed American Recovery and Reinvestment Act under which the HITEC Act allocated over nineteen billion dollar for ...view middle of the document...

This is because if there is increased access to healthcare information then there is also an increased risk of disclosing to the wrong hands confidential patient information. With the new system, patient information is susceptible to hackers, failures in information technology, theft and the unintended human error. Additionally, the use of meaningful legislation has significantly modified the notion that was held in the medical fraternity that patient information was only for the use of a clinician. Therefore, when there is breach of confidentiality, it is not clear whether the system would be improving or bringing down patient care (Sittig & Singh, 2011). Although the legislation has put in place measures to ensure information safety, there is a higher risk of breach since many people are involved in handling it.
Another ethical issue that arises out of the meaningful use legislation is the use of secondary data. This approach threatens the well standing principle of patient autonomy, which is pegged on informed consent. During the time of data mining, when the national systems will be operational, the information of a patient can be used for secondary data without their consent. Patients would rarely be conducted and informed that there data is being used in a certain manner. Patients would be terrified to realize that their personal information for which they should grant consent is being utilized without their knowledge (Sittig & Singh, 2011). Therefore, an ethical breach is likely to arise in this scenario.
Financial Issues
Like all projects, meaningful use has come with its own financial implications. The first issue that people are grappling with is the implementation of the program with many wondering the person who should pay for the implementation of the electronic health records. Research has shown that the benefits given by the incentives go to payers rather than those people who actually implement the project. One of the effects of this is providers’ productivity has significantly reduced. Secondly, there are the financial implications that come with data retention. The law requires longer periods of retention of electronic data. Therefore, the people such as pediatricians wonder how they are to maintain such records for long and who is responsible for bearing the resultant costs (Sittig & Singh, 2011).

Barriers to Implementation of Meaningful Use
Some of the legal, financial and ethical issues are barriers to the successful implementation of meaningful use. For instance, one of the major constraints of meaningful use is the absence of clear cost benefits structure. It seems that people who are implementing the project get very little out of it ;therefore, are not willing to put in their maximum effort due to low returns. Secondly, the issues raised point towards an untrained workforce, lack of technical expertise to propel the project. Thirdly, there is a likelihood of...

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