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Measurement Theory


Organizational leaders and managers should ensure that the selection measures used have test validity. According to Jorge, David, Michael and Siew (2004), test validity is primarily the degree to which a test measures what it purports to measure. There are basically three types of validity including criteria, face and content. It is imperative to ensure that the selection measure used by an organization has all this three measures. This research paper provides an analysis of a situation whereby my organization uses a selection measure that has high criterion ...view middle of the document...

Lack of content validity indicates that the measure selection used by my organization does not represent all elements of the job factor it intends to measure (Dulewicz, Higgs and Slaski, 2003). Additionally, the test measure used in the organization has low face validity thus may not be representative of the construct it purports to measure. In essence, the measure used in my organization raises ethical concerns largely because it is statistically invalid.
Legal Assessment
The use of a selection measure with content validity, low face validity and no content validity may lead to illegal practices such as discriminatory employee practices. Essentially, due to lack of content validity the selection measure used by my organization is not representative of all elements of the job factor it purports to measure (Jorge, David, Michael & Siew, 2004). Failure to include all elements in the test may lead to illegal employee practices. For example, if the test in this case is measuring the demographics of the employees in the organization it may leave out an important element such as age thus the organization may end up with an employee group that is not representative of all age groups. In this case the organization may face legal charges due to discrimination against the older workers.
Opinion about the Measure
I would begin by explaining to my boss the importance of using a...

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