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Media Addiction Essay

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Freshmen year 6th period geography class, I remember staring at the clock so when the dismissal bell rang I was able to run home so that I could catch my favorite program, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I would Wake up every Saturday morning at 7 am so that I could control the remote and watch my programs all day long instead of going outside to play or do my homework. Everyday countless numbers of individuals are choosing to spend their free time indulging in media addiction that is taking control of their lives. From social networks like Facebook and Instagram to time consuming video games and television programs that are available in numerous ways, media addiction exists and is becoming ...view middle of the document...

After watching the first episode of the popular series “Breaking Bad” on Netflix; I spent majority of the next 10 days on my couch watching every episode from season one to season 5. I didn’t comprehend how adversely this affected me till the conclusion of the series. Not only was I far behind on school work but my job was also in jeopardy as I kept thinking about the show various times during the day.
Addiction is feeding that urge that is hard to control. As social beings, we humans are innately inclined to interact with others. When we log in to our social profile and browse the internet we are feeding the urge to be connected. What makes it unbelievably hard to control the urge is due to the relatively easy routes we have on accessing social media. Majority of cell phones now come with internet access that allows you to surf the entire web with the swipe of a finger.
Self-esteem issues and use of social media are related to one another. People overuse drugs and alcohol when they are trying to block a feeling they don’t like or to distort reality. The internet and television could be used in the same way. If I don’t like my environment or are unhappy of the way my life is I could log on to the internet or turn the TV on and virtually escape to a place that I consider happy. Only after logging...

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