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Media Literacy Key Concepts

Now more then ever mass media and popular culture is becoming an increasingly more influential tool on our lives. From radios, to televisions, to music and not the internet, we are becoming overwhelmed with media everywhere we go. Depending on how the media present their information, it can affect social, economic, political, and other important areas of society. People who have a better understanding of the media are often able to make purposeful messages through the media. There are eight major media literacy concepts that are an effective foundation for examining mass media and popular culture. One of the keys is how audiences negotiate meaning in the ...view middle of the document...

An example of this media concept was presented a couple years ago during a Super Bowl commercial. Tim Tebow, a former quarterback at the University of Florida and now a professional football player was in a commercial with his mom supporting pro-life. Tim’s mom was in a tough situation on weather or not to go through with the pregnancy. As many sports people know Tim Tebow is very successful and is a role model for younger people with his leadership qualities and his work ethic. When it was first public that this commercial was going to air, many people had a problem with it. There was already and still is a large controversy over this topic and depending on your individual factors such as religion and sexual attitudes, your opinion will be different. When it did run during the Super Bowl it was not as hyped up as it was thought to be. It did favor pro-life, but they did not do it in an excessive manner. The main purpose of this media concept is that there is always going to be controversy when we interpret something and depending on our past personal experiences it will shape the way we feel about the topic.
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