Media Impact On Youth Violence Essay

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Media Impact On Youth Violence

Today’s media has influenced the youth to become more violent in the sense that what children see in the media is what they will most likely try to imamate. The impact the media has on today’s youth has brainwashed them into doing acts of violence along with making bad decisions to fit in. I remember when I was a kid growing up I watched the news from time to time and one day while watching the news randomly like I would sometimes I seen that the government was attempting to outlaw the production of urban music because in their belief it was supposedly violent and not to be heard by the youth. I followed this story on the news for a while and after a ...view middle of the document...

The second point I would make would be me pointing out the way movies and TV can affect the youth just as much as the music does. I’m not the biggest TV addict or the biggest film nerd but I do have a common knowledge of how movies and TV shows can affect the youth and alter their way of thinking. I was watching some films that were urban related for this project I watched menace 2 society. I noticed how the actions of the teenagers in this film were depicted from the same actions I had seen in the kids at school. I had remember the kids talking about this movie and how they related to it I didn’t think nothing about it till I watched and I seen where they were coming from and what they meant. This movie may strangely comfort their wrong doings they did growing up as an adolescent in a rough neighborhood not being able to have the life most kids do. From what I had learned these movies are a repeat of their similar actions something to can relate to and vent out on in the same sense of heart break songs during a break up when it’s still new and packed full of mixed emotions.

I would like to lastly point out the effect radio has since it’s in the same category of music it plays all the hottest and latest hits in music. Making it easier for the youth to access music on the go while some of the songs just may be hits that you play while going down the road and jamming with a couple of friends most of the music now is more violent and street based. It’s about all the bad things we try to keep the youth away from most of this is commonly found in rap music since rap music depicts the actions of drug dealers and criminals trying to make it any means necessary. The youth uses this as a new way out of having to work a 9 to 5 they hear about how rapper, Gucci Mane has sold drugs and made a huge amount of money quickly and they think they can do the same without being caught failing to realize it’s just a form of entertainment and that he doesn’t do that anymore.

These four parts of media have become very popular over the years and music has become the biggest source of entertainment to the youth. Since the youth is more interested in music it’s easier to influence them to go out here do something they heard in their favorite song on the radio. While movies and TV Shows may have a major role in the influence of violence in the youth it’s more on music which is where the radio comes in at and becomes the top source. I, myself listen to today’s urban music and I see where the youth gets their actions of violence from but I also think if every artist is not the same then that leaves only a few artist left they could be the source of influence. From my past experience I would say it would most like be...

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