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Media In The Military Essay

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We watch many kinds of media for entertainment, news, information, and educational purposes for a few examples. Many of the news media that we see on television are reports on military issues. How we interpret these reports on military issues varies from one person to another. How these reports affect our children is an issue in itself. While the media may have the right to report on military issues; however, negative and biased information can be detrimental to our society and our children.
Should the media have access to military issues? Because of the Freedom of Information Act, yes the media has some rights; however when it comes to National Security, the media has no rights, because of ...view middle of the document...

The Patriot Act grants the executive branch critical tools in the war on terrorism. It provides the legislative branch extensive oversight. It honors the judicial branch with court supervision over the Act's most important powers.”
In 1972, former U.S. president James Madison noted that centralized power is the greatest threat to our liberty. Madison continued saying that this kind of power is liable to abuse. Madison also said that a first principle of free governments is the distribution of power into separate departments. In Ashcroft’s conclusion of this article he writes,
“To be sure, the law depends on the integrity of those who make it, enforce it, and apply it. It depends on the moral courage of lawyers ... and our citizens ... to insist on being heard, whether in town hall meetings, county council meetings, or the Senate.”
Should the military keep things from the public to prevent disaster? Yes, the military under national security does have the right to keep the public and low members of congress out of knowledge. The families do have a right to know the wellbeing and safety of their loved ones. If their loved ones do die in battle it is the military’s responsibility to tell the family members of their loss and not let it be seen through the media and television!
Research from the Brookings Institute in 2003 in ‘Building Intelligence to Fight Terrorism’ states:
“While the emphasis of the new intelligence architecture needs to be on information sharing, important secrets must still be protected. In the cold war context, classifying data as top secret, secret, or confidential protected sources and methods of obtaining information and guarded military plans and capabilities. In the homeland security context, such priorities remain important. But new areas of sensitive information—such as protecting the gene sequence of a lethal pathogen developed in a private lab—call for new approaches to limiting information access.”
How media affects families in negative ways can be detrimental. Men and women can suffer several kinds of mental issues such as; stress from rumors and misinformation, wars becoming a reality when viewed repeatedly on news broadcasts, and problems with their children acting out because they cannot even interpret the things that they have seen. The media can, at times, make these men, women, and children react in violence from watching reports that may contain the wrong information or even seeing the pictures of places they have been or seen.
The media reports can be harmful to our children and prevention is a must. A report from the American Academy of Pediatrics (“Step into Your Child’s World”, 2002) stated that more than six hours per day are spent watching media (television, movies, video games, news papers, computers, internet, etcetera) by children between the ages of two and 18 years of age. News broadcasts are viewed quite often at schools even though many school age children are not interested in watching...

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