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Media Literacy Essay

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Q1 What is media literacy?  Discuss at least three ways consumers can become more media literate and the benefits or drawbacks of this.  How would you describe your own media literacy and how has this helped or hindered you?
Media Literacy can be defined as the ability think critically about the information whether news, entertainment and advertisements as presented by the media by asking important questions such as which interests do they represent, who are they targeting and what tools and techniques the media uses to influence or persuade the targeted audience. Lack of media literacy among consumers presents a challenge as consumer make their decisions to buy based on how the media ...view middle of the document...

The electronic technology through the printing technology has made it relatively easier, faster and cheaper to produce large masses of newspapers. Similarly, the invention of computers and digital cameras, the quality of pictures and the printing has been greatly enhanced. There was added ease of creating the product. This is because before the computers publishers would type their stories in ways which would enable them be physically placed on the page. Similarly with the advent of the internet, newspaper and magazine publishers have turned to the internet for their exposure to enable them writ more interesting stories. However, the electronic technology through internet poses as a challenge to them, because the internet is able to convey messages faster than the newspapers. Most of people read new information not through the newspapers but the internet.
These changes will make it easier for the print industry to present more interesting information in attractive ways as well as see increased competition from the internet. It is becoming relatively challenging for the print media to survive the internet because people want information and they need it fast. The internet unlike the print media conveys the information almost on a real time basis poses a great challenge to the print media. However, print media will still be able to survive the internet because they are still considered the best sources of local news. Similarly, they have succeeded in embracing more platforms which make people still interested in them. They have also been able to use the internet for their advantage as they mine data from it.
Q3 Discuss the controversy surrounding product placement.  Do you think it’s problematic?  Why or why not?
Product placement refers to the decisive incorporation of commercial content into non-commercial settings. For instance, a particular product plug is generated through the combination of entertainment and advertising. This kind of advertising is usually riskier in relation to conventional advertising though it is increasing in popularity. As a result, products and brands are being placed into mainstream media such as music videos, films, television programs, magazines, internet and mobile phones among other media (Stephen and Coote, 2005).
However, product placement is sounded by various controversies. On the side of marketers, they are required to be accountable for expenditure as well as the results. Therefore, whereas the product placement is growing in popularity, it is paramount for marketers to establish the extent to which the investment is viable. Conversely, there is no or little evidence on to whether these investments are feasible. Consequently, there is the need to find assessment criteria for the contribution of product placement to the expected profit and cash flows (Russell and Stern, 2006).
Product placement is problematic. First, there is lack of control by the marketers on how the product is being incorporated in a...

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