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Media Outlet Essay

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Leading News Channels
News papers




he news papers and news channels in our nation influences the social political
and economic system of india in a large extend .There are a number of news
papers and news channels in india .
Some of the major news media,the famous media personalities and the key
shows of the channels are discribed below


Aaj Tak
India TV
Star News
DD News
Zee News

I - Aaj Tak
Aajtak news is the leading 24-hour Hindi-language news channel in India.
Aaj Tak’s wide array of news programming includes daily new bulletins on
“Aaj Subaha” and ...view middle of the document...

thought provoking reportage and unparalled coverage IBN7 now became the No.1
Hindi News channel across All India and across all Hindi Speaking Markets ,in the
much sought prime time slot of 9PM with its prime time newscast ‘Danke Ki Chot
Pe’ hosted by Ashutosh, Managing Editor, IBN7.

New Delhi Television is, and has been for over two decades, a pioneer in India’s news television. It is today the most watched and the most respected news
network in India.
NDTV’s Chairperson is Prannoy Roy, and Managing Director and Executive
Co-Chairperson is, Radhika Roy.

The Key Shows
Prime Time 21:00-22:00 –hosted by Ravish Kumar
Newspoint @ 10 – A live debate where a live audience ask direct questions
to politicians, newsmakers and experts, hosted by Abhigyan Prakash
Vinod Dua Live – The country’s best known Hindi broadcaster tells it like
it is. Vinod Dua’s views and sharp questions at 8 PM Monday-Thursday
Badi Khabar –hosted by Nidhi Kulpati
Hum Log –hosted every Sunday by Ravish Kumar.
Mukabla – The week’s big fight between the people who made the most
important and controversial news in the week, hosted on Saturdays by
Abhigyan Prakash.
Key Personnel & Anchors
Aunindyo Chakravarty, Devna Dwivedi, Manoranjan Bharati (Baba), Kamal
Khan, Manish Kumar, Sunil Saini

NDTV 24x7 is the only English News Channel from India .
The Key Shows
We The People – This powerful opinion-based show, hosted by Barkha
The Big Fight – Hosted by Vikram Chandra, the show pits those on opposite sides of...

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