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Media Psychology
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Do you remember seeing in the background of a movie or television, a scene at McDonald's? Have you seen on a screen, a box of Captain Crunch on the kitchen table in a TV sitcom? This a practice used by a marketer to advertise their product in the media. It is called product integration and is a method used for many years. The practice started in the era when radio was the form of media service. Shows sponsored by the companies such as The Bob Hope [Frigidaire] Comedy Hour and the Colgate Soap commercials started in the 1950's. The way the product is integrated into the script has an effect on the ...view middle of the document...

These sources may include the Internet, e-mail, radio, or cell phones and as an effect, has an influence on how that media's received. There is a need to understand the impact and influence of the media on the participants, and to understand what influences that perception. According to Lane (2015), "The memory has patterns of organizations, also called scripts or schemata; [sic] which contains strings of association that are activated by new experiences." What the consumer see, added to what they know about the topic and gives the perception to interpret the information.
There are those that say that there is no link between the media and actual behavioral patterns, but studies have found that some form of media have a direct link to competitiveness and thus aggression. There was a study done called the Canada Objective in which subjects and video games were isolated to study the behavior while playing these games. The study focused on controlling the pace of the game and found that the competitiveness caused more aggression than did the act of violence seen in the game. This study shows that competition may have a direct bearing aggressive behavior. More studies are needed to understand the impact of aggressive behavior influences such as cyberbullying, internet stalking and other forms of media violence. Media Psychology is needed to define the influence of the media on consumers or the lack of control because people are so involved with media sources.
The influence of the media is evident in the change that has occurred over the last few decades, changes seen in the cultural structure all over the world. People have become a part of smaller, segmented groups of interest. Like interest promoted by media, use has a cause and effect on the consumer. There is no need to leave home for entertainment because people have access to shows, movies and music at home. They socialize through their communication devices and on the Internet through Facebook and Twitter and other social pages on the internet. The changes in the economic structure influenced by the use of the media sources on has an impact on consumerism. As stated in Media Psychology: Why You Should Care Part2)(2010), “As technology changes our lives, we are forced to change how we view the world.” The economic structure has changed, for example, people work more away from the office because they have access to mobile technology, and occupation accessed from any location. Another example is that there is a need for fewer employees because of computers that change the structure of companies and economic balance.
Media psychology was facilitated because of the interaction of the consumer and to the changing technological advances. Some of the factors involved are the constant use of the cell phones, social networking, and video games. These factors are why the need for study, to determine the association of media and consumerism and the effects, directed to the new...

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