Media's Negative Influences On Young Women

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Media’s Negative Influences on Young Women

Women are exposed to media images of “the thin ideal” from a very early age. Television, movies, and magazines all perpetuate the idea that an ultra thin woman is the ideal. So much so, that many magazines digitally alter the cover model to show a much thinner, shapelier figure for the cover. Doing this they influence the subconscious mind of young women. Therefore, women continue to spend their money, trying to achieve this unattainable look they constantly see in media advertising.

Your body image is how you perceive, think, and feel about your body. However, this may have no bearing at all on your actual appearance. According to this ...view middle of the document...

This being a lot of money is certainly worth their while to continue to foster abnormally this women as being the norm.

Today the body ideal is to be thin. However, this has not always been the case. In the 19th century large women were thought of as the image of beauty. In this period of time, women being larger would have meant they had more to eat. In turn, being able to have an abundance of food to eat would have meant they were wealthy. The body ideal in the 1920’s was similar to that of today, which is thin. However, this look achieved through the use of clothing styles and fashion. Then in the 1950’s, more voluptuous figures were the ideal. Since that time the ideal body shape for women has become more and more slender. Unfortunately, for many people the ideal thin body is nearly impossible to achieve. This makes women feel dissatisfied with their appearance. This then creates the negative body image.

Many wonder what the degree of advertising involving thin and attractive women is related with chronic dieting, body dissatisfaction, and eating disorders in American females. Boorstin noted in The Rhetoric of Democracy that “Democratic societies tend to become more concerned with what is true, to become more concerned with credibility than truth. All these problems become accentuated in a large-scale democracy like ours, which possesses all the apparatus of modern industry.” Therefore, the messages that are sent by the media tend to accentuate what the public wants or, more specifically, what the media wants us to believe is truth, than what is...

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