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Media, Sports, Athletes, And The Health Of Children

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"Image is nothing, thirst is everything." This is a slogan used by the soft drink Sprite. It tells a consumer not to buy a product because of the labeling, packaging, or the way it is presented, but to instead buy it because it tastes good. This seems to be an honest and open statement, not what you would expect to hear in an advertisement. Ironically though, just before this slogan flashes on the screen, Kobe Bryant and Grant Hill, two of the NBA's rising starts, are shown talking about how wonderful Sprite is. This slogan contradicts what the rest of the advertisement says, and it contradicts what the advertisement industry tries to do in general. The use of sports icons in ...view middle of the document...

This is far from the truth. If a person were to drink a carbonated beverage before physical activity, it would cause him to be sick, possibly to the point of vomiting. The ad is misleading, but it does influence consumers to buy Sprite. But does the athlete really eat or drink the product they endorse?


Consider the commercial, in which Sammy Sosa is seen skipping a baseball game, so that he can go get a Big Mac from McDonald's. The commercial shows Sosa eating the Big Mac because he loves them. If Sosa were in fact to eat Big Macs frequently, as the commercial implies, he would not be in the shape that he is. In fact, professional athletes have a fairly strict diet and often give up eating certain foods during season. This is not what is portrayed in the commercial If aspiring little Leaguer's were to constantly eat Big Macs because Sammy likes them, pretty soon the want to-be-baseball players would be unable to run the bases. McDonald's uses Sosa to reach a large group of consumers.


These commercials are sending a bad message to young athletes of America. Training and physical fitness are important components to make a good athlete. Young athletes look up to the stars of today's professional sports. The commercials that children see encourage them to eat foods that are not healthy for them. Usually, the advertisements do not come right out and say that the athlete eats that product. It is implied, though. This subtle implication has a huge impact on the viewer, especially when the viewer is a child. Children idolize professional athletes, and picture themselves as future stars. If they see the athlete drink certain things, they will then want to imitate that.


Another popular commercial that is very misleading is a Gatorade commercial. In the advertisement, Michael Jordan is...

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