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Jaspreet Kalsing.
Media Coursework: Sugar.

The cover of "Sugar" Magazine is heavily decorated with colourful slogans, a dominating image of a celebrity and, of course, the huge masthead reading "Sugar". We of "Parental Guidance (PG)" feel that the magazine is jam packed with inappropriate information that, frankly, should not be released on teenage girls as it has the power to influence them.

On the December 2009 issue a huge overpowering image of X factor winner Leona Lewis covers the front page in a suggestive pose, her face airbrushed to perfection. It is this idea of the perfect face, body and skin which encourages young girls to diet to obtain the unobtainable. There are headings ...view middle of the document...

However the magazine promotes this behavior in such a way that it is almost exploitation, "4 Steps to Snog - Welcome to his mouth!" Also this use of colloquial language, which is used to relate to the reader, does not teach girls the correct English language, it does in face teach them something completely inappropriate for their age. Why should young girls even be thinking about involving themselves with boys at ages like 11? It is magazines like "Sugar" that teach girls
that behaving in a provocative, immoral manner is acceptable! Articles like these encourage sexuality which is the reason why so many teenage girls are falling pregnant and finding themselves more prone to sexually transmitted diseases. The magazines may not realize that the articles they print can have serious consequences but we parents do. Is it really acceptable for an 11 year old girl to be exploited in a sexual way?
Another article asks "Big Mistake? 'I got a celeb tattooed on my face" The article is asking whether the reader who is probably a teenage girl if they think it is a bad idea to get a celebrity tattooed to a person's face. It is a ridiculous concept because it could convince a young girl that it is acceptable but it is in fact the total opposite. Misleading infatuations with celebrities are not healthy for girls who might just be lead to extreme consequences such as getting a tattoo symbolizing their "love" for a celebrity. Also these unhealthy obsessions can lead to early maturity with the false hope that the...

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