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In paragraph 2,

The Chinese say they are accustomed to China-bashing during the American election season, but there is growing concern among government officials, business executives and academics here that this time the attitude toward China among the American public and politicians is so hot it may not cool after Election Day.

Language feature of news

The inverted Pyramid

1. Conclusion or most important information

Who: China, USA (resident candidates)
What: harsh anti-Chinese sentiment being expressed by both candidates with a mixture of aloofness and unease, China is ...view middle of the document...

The relationship between China and the United States has become more brittle
3. The U.S. general election, originally thought only a battle over domestic issues — the economy, fiscal deficit and health care — has now embroiled China as a punching bag
4. . Last month Mr. Obama cited national security concerns as the reason for ordering a Chinese company to divest its shares in wind farm projects near a Navy testing facility in Oregon.
在上周奥巴马总统同米特·罗姆尼(Mitt Romney)之间的辩论中,从指控中国进行不公平贸易,到争论候选人该不该投资中国公司,“中国”这个词一共出现了22次,每次都带着负面的意义。鉴于本周一晚上的最后一场辩论将以外交政策为主要话题,中国十有八九会再次成为辩论当中的关注焦点。
From accusations of unfair trade practices to a discussion of whether it is proper for the candidates to have investments in Chinese companies, the word “China” came up 22 times, and always negatively, in the debate between President Obama andMitt Romney last week. In the final presidential debate Monday night, when foreign policy will be the main subject, China is likely to be a center of attention again.

The relationship between China and the United States has become more brittle in the past two years, with differences over trade and strategic interests stoking American fears that China is infringing on the United States’ longstanding influence in Asia. For their part, the Chinese watch with growing alarm as their country has become a frequent target of blame for the weakness in the American job market.

“人们起初以为,美国大选只是一场围绕经济、财政赤字以及医疗保险等国内问题的大战,现在呢,他们却把中国拉进来充当出气筒,”位于北京的私募股权公司春华资本(Primavera Capital)董事长、前高盛集团(Goldman Sachs)大中华区主席胡祖六(Fred Hu)说。“竞选过程中出现的杂音让人非常不安。针对中国的尖刻竞选言论是否会止于高调空谈,还有待进一步观察。”
“The U.S. general election, originally thought only a battle over domestic issues — the economy, fiscal deficit and health care — has now embroiled China as a punching bag,” said Fred Hu, chairman of Primavera Capital, a private equity group in Beijing, and former Greater China chairman of Goldman Sachs. “The noises from the campaign trail are quite disconcerting. It remains to be seen whether the shrill campaign rhetoric about China will just remain as bombast.”

The fears over China in the United States, experts here note, are not...

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