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8 January 2015
Perspective on Violence in the Media

In modern society, increasing of violent TV programs and video games are serious problems. I researched two females and two men who have their own identification about the violence in the media. They are different ages and have cultures. Also, through their own backgrounds, they showed diverse ways to understand and learn a culture from media. By comparing all interviewers, I could gain different ideas of them.

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Two females and two men were interviewed for this investigation. One female and one man are my neighbors that both of them ...view middle of the document...

He says he and his brother imitated similar behaviors from the video game and did in real. He explains that when he imitated the behavior from video game, he felt he is stronger and can protect himself. He thinks that he obtained self-confidence and could relieve stress by watching the thrill of fighting. Therefore, he does not think the violence in the media is totally bad for the audience or children, but of course it should be cared about over violent exposures.
The third case is a 25-year-old Japanese guy who is studying in SMC. He remembered that when he was about 8-9 years old, he usually went to convenience store to read comic books. In Japan, it is easy to read any kinds of comic books in convenience store without limitations from clerks, so he usually read comic books that describe violent behaviors or adults. From this experience, he became aware of violence via comic books. For example, the comic book “One Piece,” describes a hero was fighting with the monsters with some violent movements. One of the characters in the books punches and slaps monsters’ face many times. However, he thinks the violence from comic books can be a way to release his pressure and relieve stress when reading the comic book. Also, in Japan, even though this behavior is violent, the characteristic is portrayed as hero. Because, in comic books, they usually attack bad monsters, so people think it is not violent. Moreover, he learned brave to fight bad monsters without afraid from these character’s brave movements showed in the book. He also think people do not need to think the violence from media seriously, because at least people can feel fun from media.
The last interviewee is a 22-year-old girl who also studies in SMC. She is from Korea. The first time she was aware of the violence in the TV show program. When he was 9-10 years old, that program was very popular so most people loved watch the TV shows. However, she became aware of violence from media that they used bad words and showed aggressive acts. According to her, compared with the different styles about the violence in the media between in America and in Korea, Korean TV show is more violent. In Korea, the people in TV shows will hit others’ bodies, such as head or check, to make people fun and to appeal to the audience. Also, sometimes Korean TV shows accept personal abuse or offensive language to attract the viewers. On the other hand, in American TV shows, it is very rude that hit somebody’s face to make people laugh. In her opinion, if some media make audience feel uncomfortable, they should be limited and regulated by government. Also, parents need to protect their children to avoid violent media. If children were exposure to violent media, such as...

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