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Mediating In The New Centure Essay

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Global Business partner – strategic planner – talent ACQUISITION

➢ Managed best-in-class Business Unit acquisition in Frankfurt Germany for Nypro Healthcare
➢ Advisory Board member for Pharmaceutical Packaging strategic initiative
➢ Sourced/hired senior level Design/Development team for new medical/surgical group
➢ Integrated PEAK Surgical (Palo Alto, CA) with Salient Technologies (Portsmouth, NH)

MEDTRONIC, INC. Portsmouth, NH 2012 – Present
Advanced Energy, LLC
Global HR Director/Strategic Business Partner
• Direct report to VP/GM global $300M ...view middle of the document...

• Implemented first employee satisfaction e-survey and focus groups.
• Created Strategic planning for staffing (key positions) and compensation banding.
• International travel 50% - Ireland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Suzhou, and Beijing.

Boston Scientific Corporation, Boston, MA 2002 – 2009
$8.5B Global Medical Device Company (20,000 ee’s)
Director, Human Resources, Eastern Regional Business Partner
• Lead Business Unit HR Executive for all HR/OD/Training/Compensation/Staffing/ER Programs and Services for BSC’s largest domestic ‘Tier One’ Fulfillment Operation (600 ee’s).
• Created Innovative approaches to sourcing candidates, managing Talent lifecycles, & adopting custom Sourcing solutions that sustained a rapidly growing/changing business.
• Lead HR/Training SME for all site FDA, ISO, BSC internal and external third party (TUV) Compliance audits; member of Management Review Team; automated all paper training records.
• Passed 15-day FDA site inspection with no observations/new findings.
• Initiated Annual Employee on-line e-Survey, innovative Team-Building programs, Management &
• Leadership Development Programs w/ Babson Executive Education resources.
• JD Power and Omega Certifications achieved four consecutive years for Customer Excellence.
• Strategic Business Partner for Distribution/Fulfillment Operations – reported to VP Operations.
• Drove high-performance team environment/culture; supported new automation of DC and CS.
• Initiated Executive Coaching program; DL Gainshare Program; and HR-focused Lean initiatives.
• Significant HR Project involvement with Kerkrade, Netherlands BSC Tier 1 Fulfillment Center.

Taqua Systems Company, Hyannis, MA 2000 – 2002
Pre-IPO Telecom Start-Up
Vice President, Human Resources
• Established HR/Training and Organizational Strategy for this 250 ee start-up.
• Acting VP/General Manager for Richardson TX Technical Support and S/W R&D Center.
• Site selection and staffing for Meriden CT Telecom Software Systems R&D operation.
• Significant role in advancing this new business through sales staffing, executive sourcing, and OD. The leadership team raised more than $90MM in venture capital.
• Developed and...

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