Medical Marijuana Essay

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Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana
Eight out of the ten states that have made medical marijuana legal saw a teen usage of marijuana decrease from 1999 to 2006. I believe that if every state were to legalize medical marijuana, the recreational use of it would go down massively. Marijuana is good for you; it can relieve multiple pain symptoms. You can never have too much, so it is not harmful like alcohol. Marijuana has never caused a death when many legal products have caused millions of deaths each year. Our government wastes millions of dollars trying to keep marijuana out of the United States each year. If medical marijuana was legal, I believe the world would just be a better ...view middle of the document...

The WOD is over half of marijuana. If marijuana was legal, the government would stop spending so much money trying to get rid of it. They could also tax it, and make so much money off of it. So it could probably help us pay off the country’s debt. The number of people who have been arrested for marijuana involved crimes is more than the total number of people arrested for violent crimes. Sadly, about 30% of the total numbers of individuals involved in the marijuana crimes were under the age of 19.
Abuse of alcohol kills over 75,000 Americans each year and shortens the lives of these people by 30 years, indicated a U.S. government study in 2005. Not one person dies each year because they use marijuana. In the past, it has been heard to give you cancer and heart disease, like cigarettes. The evidence shows different, says Stephen Sidney on WebMD. Marijuana was often used in place of alcohol during the temperance movement in the 1890’s. There is no such thing as a fatal marijuana overdose. Marijuana is way less toxic than many of the drugs that are prescribe every day. Why is alcohol legal and marijuana illegal? It doesn’t make sense to most pot users.
Why do some Americans believe marijuana should be illegal? They believe that the ones who support any marijuana usage don’t see that if the U.S. does legalize it, the number of weed smokers would increase. Marijuana is excessively abused these days,...

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