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Meditation And Prayers In Islam Essay

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Meditation and Prayers in Islam
Meditation is a Thrust. To explain Thrust I should be truly trusty. I should be taken away by thrust to explain it. No one can understand thrust, if he or she is not experiencing it. My esteemed thirsty guests, I need your great company to have the pursuit of the Burning Thrust (strongest Stimulant) till the point of its Fulfilment.
Meditation in Islam – Invaluable Information
No one can better understand the importance of ‘information – knowing’ than the present human being. Information has the ‘greatest value’ in the present age – It is be all and end all. The well-informed decision means success, avoidance of risk and uncertainty, peace of mind in life, ...view middle of the document...

. And likewise questions……………
3 The Supreme Being (God)
Is there any Supreme Being over human beings- Who and How is He?
Limitations of Five Senses and Human Conscious in Exploring Truth
Five senses could not help us to get the answers to these truthful questions. Rather they act as gravity or centripetal force to restrict any meditation gets the flight away from the orbit of five senses. Our five senses rule over us. They never wish to have any power sharing with our spiritual or moral forces. Let say if we want to go for worship, five senses would allure us to take sleep or find fun in doing any self-pleasing thing, if we want to give charity the five senses will tell us it is better to spend this money or at least a part of it on our physical wellbeing. Five senses act very smartly. They never allow us to realize our spiritual existence, needs and beliefs unless they can be as clear as our physical phenomena, beliefs and world.
In other words five senses keep us to apply five senses criteria to recognize spiritual matters- so five senses (rationale) are highly biased and one way or other, they keep us away from truly understanding our spiritual part, inner world, because if we do so then five senses would be disciplined and we all involve in one or other form of ‘self-worship’, which would be at stake. There is also very serious and inherited flaw with ‘human conscious’ that it cannot conceive moral and spiritual hidden realities but only give stimulant and response over them. We need some extra-ordinary factor and source to break the vicious circle of five senses to explore Truth.
The Salient Features of Islamic Meditation
Islamic Meditation is gifted by that indispensable external help to explore Truth outside the bounds of five senses. The guidance, the Framework and Torch of Truth is provided to explore Truth and lime light in the dark corridors of our inner world. Islamic Meditation is a Divinely Guided Activity. Without Revealed guidance and framework, the process of thinking, contemplation, meditation and spiritual pursuit would always remain plague by five senses and its gaols and achievements would remain very far from desired and without any real quest and thrill.
All physical and Spiritual needs and their means of satisfaction are provided by God. The Truth one Soul thrives to know is blissfully made known to Humankind by God. So, Meditation in Islam is a process of re-examining, reconsidering the ‘Revealed Truth’ - getting the evidence, , endorsement, authentication confirmation, testimony from our inner world and becoming bearer and witness of the realized truth- So meditation is Searching, getting and embracing truth and becoming a part of Truth for ever.
Core and Crux of Islamic Meditation: God is Truth and Solely Source of all Truths
Islamic Meditation is a tool to Explore Truth and it is Supreme Truth that there is One God. It requires the firm belief that God is Eternal Truth, Source of all Truth and Great Helper and Guide...

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