Memo: Expanding Marketing Areas To Include Australia

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MemorandumTO: All ManagersFROM:DATE: April 25, 2006RE: Expanding marketing areas to include Australia.On a recent trip to Australia I had the opportunity to extensively tour Sydney and was amazed at the number of businesses and tourist attractions. There are abundant sources of hotel/motel throughout the city. While I ventured through the shops and small businesses a thought entered my mind. We have a successful business here in the United States. We create, prepare and deliver welcome and thank you baskets for businesses. Why not take that idea and use it elsewhere.Brook's Baskets started out as a home based business. It has grown to be very profitable and with the knowledge and resources ...view middle of the document...

With having our companies handle the details and the merchandise it allows the hotels to focus on other issues. This will be a great asset for us as well as the hotels and everyone will profit from the results.Australia's political and legal system is one of democratic, federal-state system recognizing the British monarch as sovereign. The High Court of Australia decides constitutional questions. It also serves as the nation's court of final appeals. Other federal courts deal with bankruptcy cases, family law, industrial disputes, and violations of federal law. Each Australian state has its own parliament, court system, head of government, and governor. The heads of state governments are called premiers. The governor of each state represents the queen.Australia's states do not operate as independently of the federal government as do, for example, the states of the United States. The Australian states have heavy administrative responsibilities in certain areas, such as local law enforcement, public education, and the building of roads. But the federal government collects nearly all the nation's taxes. Each state...

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