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Memorandum Paper Database

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Database Memorandum Paper
J. S
CIS/319 –Computer and Information Processing

Prepare a 2- to 3-page memorandum analyzing the use of databases in a business environment. Include what database applications should be used: Microsoft® Access®, IBM® DB2®, Oracle®, and so on. Conclude by proposing improvements. For large organizations, restrict the scope of the paper to the department in which you work.
The use of database in the business environment has become an integral part in business processing. According to an article, Database Evolution: Microsoft Access within an Organization's Database Strategy, Chung explains that databases are used in a variety of levels ...view middle of the document...

These include the fact that MS Access includes common field types that we use in our department (Human Resources): Name field, date field, number field (employee id) etc. which are common fields that our department uses daily to look up employee records and to update their records. In previous paper we have discussed the use of Microsoft Excel software for efficient data process. This also works along with MS Access as it also generates reports as well (an example is percentage of employee working on weekends). This application also supports the use of query, which in database is a form of data retrieval process in which the user can search for specific data. Lets say the human resource department would like to see all employees who were hired on a specific date when the “query” is ran then that information would be processed (in a timely manner). Another advantage of this application is that it allows record lock, which means a single record can be locked to specific users, for example, upper management records are not accessible to lower level managers, and this is as a result of record lock. Lastly a very useful advantage of MS Access in our company is that it supports the use of hyperlinks. With regards to employee’s photo they are stored in other documents, now with the use of the links when a user accesses an employee’s record there is a link which once clicked on it will take them to the employee’s photograph (which is what’s used on the photo ID).
Besides its advantages, there are just a few disadvantages that have been noticed...

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