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Memory And Psychology Paper

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Psychology and neuroscience have been in correlation with one another as they determine why the individual behaves the way that they do. In illustration one of the most popular phonemes studied that affects motivation is the individuals thought process as well as social interactivity which is also known as the study of drug addiction has benefited due to the advances of scanning and imaging technology such as positron emission tomography.(PET) and functional magnetic resonance imaging.(FMRI) (Volkflow,Fowler and Wang 2003). This paper will denote parts of the brain and their functions most affected in individuals who are addicted to drugs along with internal and external motivators, for stopping the use of drugs and their social and the individuals lifestyle factors that are relating to recovery from drug abuse. ...view middle of the document...

(Dennis&Scott, 2007).

However while utilizing drugs it causes a quick reaction as there is a large increase of dopamine that’s within the brain that causes the individual to have sudden feelings of euphoria, which is the main reason an individual becomes addicted in the first place however on the other hand, neuro chemical studies have proven that there is a decrease in the overall dopamine production. This effect usually takes place as the individual goes through withdrawls, usually seen when an individual is detoxing. In brief detail it is the region of the brain usually the orbit frontal cortex and the cingulated gyrus, that are most affected by the decreases causing a dysfunction in brain activity in these areas (Volkflow, et, al, 2003).
However’ it has been stated by Volkflow,et,al, that functional imaging studies have shown that during drug intoxication, or during cravings the frontal regions become activated as part of a complex pattern that includes brain circuits involved with reward,(nucleus,accumbens) motivation (orbit frontal cortex) memory(amygdale and hippocampus). And cognitive control (prefrontal cortex and cognitive gyrus) (Volkflow, Fowler and Wang2003).
Even though drug use is usually a voluntarily choice at first frequent and consistent use can alter the brain causing permanent changes in functioning an in other words a normal individual extrinsic motivation is nearly always necessary to motivate an addict to quit using drugs. External motivation usually comes from the intervention of a loved one .whether the intervention results in an addict seeking treatment or not the incentives are often the same.
These motivators are sometimes based on what can happen to an individual because of the current path that drugs are taking them through their life. In illustration loss of employment, loss of meaningful relationship, spousal abuse, financial difficulties and physical deteriation.(Westrich,2007).

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