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Memory Management Essay

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Memory Management Requirements
Memory management requirement is important to operating systems. The memory management function is to manage the computer’s primary memory storage. Since all new computers and laptops run multiple programs at any one time, it is imperative to manage what programs can run in the main memory or RAM and which programs can be swapped to secondary memory storage. Using memory management techniques and virtual memory systems process can efficiently manage an operating system. The quality of these techniques or systems can have an extensive effect on the overall system performance of the operating system.
Memory management methods such as single allocation, ...view middle of the document...

A process is loaded by loading all of its pages into available frames. Lastly, segmented memory management is a memory management technique that has a variable length block of data that is located in secondary memory. Each process is divided into a number of segments and the process is loaded by loading all of the segments into noncontiguous partitions. Segmentation allows better access protection than other structures because memory management process cannot access the data area of another process (Stallings, 1998).
Virtual memory system is a system where addressable memory extends beyond main storage using secondary storage managed by the system software in a way that programs can treat all of the designated storage as addressable main storage. The applications operate memory via virtual addresses. Each time an attempt to access stored data is made; virtual memory data orders translate the virtual address to a physical address. To completely implement virtual memory support, the system software needs to maintain a page table per task. The goal is to capture...

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