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Memory Project Essay

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Memory Project: Application to Learning and Study Habits
Learning to tie shoes and ride a bike requires the encoding, storing, and retrieving of past observations of the procedure. With a lot of practice, children master these skills so well that they are able to remember them the rest of their lives. We use our memory about the past to help us understand the present. The study or memory in psychology is used in different ways, as well as there are many different ways to study how memory works in humans. In psychology there are many tasks used to measure memory and different types of memory storages that human's use, such as sensory storing, or short term storing. There are also a lot ...view middle of the document...

This memory helps very little when trying to learn anything because it will only be stored for a quick instance. On the other had short-term memory stays in a person mind for a couple of seconds, and maybe even minutes, which can be useful to use in the learning process.
Short-term memory is where conscious thinking and processing of information take place. We move sensory memory information to short memory information, by continuously thinking about a specific thing, or by bringing importance, or meaning to the information. Basically, whatever we are thinking about in a particular instance is in our short-term memory. The key characteristic of short-term memory is that unless the information is important in meaningful way or is being actively rehearsed or repeated, it quickly leaves short-term memory and is forgotten when new information displaces it as we begin to think about something else, unlike long-term memory. In long term-memory, you can contain substantial amounts of information, for long periods of time, which is the most useful when learning.
To move information from Short-term memory to long term memory humans use special tactics that may seem trivial, but are important in learning. An important technique for keeping information in short-term memory and increasing the chances of long-term retention is rehearsal, the review or practice of material while you are studying it. When people are prevented from studying, the contents of their short-term memories quickly fade. If enough studying occurs, information may be transferred from short-term memory into long-term memory. Long-term memory is our permanent storehouse of information. For example, all the knowledge we have accumulated, all the skills we have learned, and all of our memories of past experiences are stored in our long-term memory. Long-term memory helps us learn things by memorizing things we are studying, hearing, or understanding using in long-term memory. This memory involves repetition, and rehearsal for learning. Repetition and rehearsal are forms of mnemonics.
Mnemonics are strategies for remembering information. They work because they add meaning and context for material that is hard to remember. There are several different types of mnemonics, but they all help a person to learn. There is rehearsal, which is basically repetition of information. It is the most commonly used when studying for a test....

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