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Memory Recall In Business Communication Essay

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Effects of False Memory Recall in Business Communication
Main Project: Formal Rough Draft
Written by D.M. Spenner
Undergrad Student of Eastern Oregon University
Written for
Main Project Business Administration 225
Eastern Oregon University
This study examines how false memory recall affects communication in the business environment. The objective is to inform individuals currently working in business the effects that this phenomenon carries and the importance of addressing it to increase business communication success. Included in the study are examples of various communication errors found within the business setting and how they have been affected by false memory recall. ...view middle of the document...

As we gain information we then must recall this information to make decisions. This is done in our personal lives as well as the workplace, however not all of what we remember is accurately recalled. What we are unaware of, is that there is a phenomenon that occurs when we recall information from memory. The act of either “remembering events that never happened, or remembering them quite differently from the way that they occurred” (Roediger & McDermott, 1995, p. 803). This is known as false memory recall, and has been a phenomenon that researchers have studied for over 50 years. In 1995, the study of this phenomenon became more popular when Henry L. Roediger III and Kathleen B. McDermott extended James Deese’s study on false recall. They developed what then popularly became known as the DRM paradigm.
The purpose of this study is to present the communication issues that exist and examine how false memory recall affects communication in the business environment. My intention is to point out the issues that occur in communication and present clear evidence to support the claim that false memory recall is a leading influence to errors found within business communication. Though the intended audience includes all levels of business employees, ranging from entry level positions to the CEO, the facts presented within this study can be used to increase successful performance for both the employee in business and an individual’s personal life. As this paper carries an objective of proof, I will be using the organizational pattern of “increasing order of importance” to lead the reader through the thought processes necessary to grow a deeper awareness of the phenomenon and support the claim that false memory recall affects communication in the business environment.
Roediger and McDermott (1995) used 6 lists of words from Deese’s earlier study that were used to create false recall in his subjects. The purpose of the experiment was to replicate Deese’s observations of false recall. Students listened to the lists and then were given a recall test. The students recalled nearly the same amount of non-presented words as the words that were actually presented.
In response to the results found in the first experiment, Roediger and McDermott conducted a second experiment to continue to research whether students remembered/recalled events or words that were never presented. To remember calls upon the participant to be able to bring to mind an awareness of what was seen, known, or experienced in the list. Whereas to recall, requires the participant to summon back the awareness of certain words in the list. New lists were made up of 15 words rather than the 12 that had been used from Deese. The experiment included a “remember-know” judgment task which was observed within recognition test. This was done to calculate whether the student recalled an item by familiarity or memory. Students were to classify each word as...

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