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Men And Women Essay

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Popular Culture
Pop. Culture Essay #1

Addressing the Issue: Men’s Men and Women’s Women

The vast majority of people, with the exception of transvestites and other people with physical deformities, can be put into one of two categories; man or woman. Generally, the views and expectations one has for their own gender and the views and expectations one has for the opposite gender can be described as gendered stereotypes. Although stereotypes are not always close to the truth, in some cases they can hold some weight to an argument when they present the generalized representation of a certain group or groups. In this essay I will show how gendered stereotypes are used by ...view middle of the document...

The first segment ends with “You put the ‘oogie’ in boogie”, allowing that the man has redeemed himself merely because he drinks the advertised product, Bud Light.
The second man is “that guy that wears way too much cologne”. This man is shown in several different situations where the people around him are being repulsed by his overabundance of smell-goods. In the end the man is again redeemed by the fact that he drinks a certain product, in this case Bud Light, and it ends with the comment, “We think you smell like a winner”.
The third man is a cook in a restaurant and is credited with creating a giant, 1200 calorie taco salad, not such a prestigious accomplishment. The man is again brought back into the limelight and his “accomplishment” overlooked because he drinks Bud Light, and the commercial ends with, “You put the feast in fiesta”.
Throughout all three parts of the series there is a band in the background singing a type of theme song for each of the three men, giving them confidence in their not-so-good attributes, and leading on the fact that Bud Light in itself has the ability to give not-so-average men above average confidence. I would say this commercial would fall under the “Men’s Men” category because drinking is a kind of escape from the sometimes harsh reality we face daily. Also, “Men’s Men” are to appear single according to Craig, and in this commercial the men are dancing alone in a club, shopping alone, and at work, none of which associate him with a relationship. This is likely a commercial appealing to the average man.
The second commercial I viewed for analysis was “Just for Men Sports Legend Commercial”, and started off with an image of Emit Smith, famous Dallas Cowboys running back and Hall-of-Famer, inside a cheerleader-run nursing home and sitting in a rocking chair with a grey beard. By the end of the video Smith is back on the field surrounded by beautiful young cheerleaders.
The point of interest for my analysis was, though, was not Emit Smith but the women’s role in the video. The women in this video fit Craig’s criteria for the “Men’s Women” role perfectly. As Craig put it “Men’s women are portrayed as physically attractive, slim, usually young and white, frequently blonde, and almost always dressed in revealing clothing”, all of which describe the women in this video (Craig). From the scantily dressed blonde cheerleader running the front desk at the nursing home in the start of the video to the whole cheerleading squad surrounding Smith by the end of the video, all seem to be women purposely portrayed to be appealing to men.
The third video commercial I viewed started off caressing you with warm sounds of your mother saying to you,...

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