Men And Women Should Not Serving Together In Military Units

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Amanda Libbie Kelebit

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English 104

3rd August 2009

Men and Women Serving Together in Military Units:
Men and women should not serving together in military units

Physical differences, leadership and sexual assault are the factors contribute to the issue regarding men and women serving together in military units. The statement regarding men and women serving together in military units is meant that two different entities work as one in armed forces. The main point at the mean time is about the factors of men and women involve together in military units. Some would support this statement; some would rather on the opposition side. Men and women were ...view middle of the document...

34). The Renaissance man is also literally well-rounded: he should be agile and strong, with "shapely" limbs (Castiglione, p. 30, line 26). Renaissance women must also fulfil specific requirements. Though they should develop their bodies as well as their minds, Renaissance women should not undertake strenuous activities, as even dancing too energetically can impede her "womanly sweetness," (Castiglione, p. 35, line 192). Neither men nor women should take sport--or anything else--too seriously because being well-rounded is more important than being a specialist. In simpler term, Castiglione stated that men and women have his or her own roles in the world.

The main question is that whether men and women that have physical differences can serve together in military units. As a general, men have better physical strength compared to women, whereas women are prone to injury. “Army doctors found that eight times as many women as men were being discharged during basic training [...]. Differences in strength, bone mass, stride length and lower body bone structure caused women to suffer disproportionately from Achilles tendon problems, knee, back and leg pain, and fractures of the tibia, foot, and hip.” (Qtd. in Army- GIBT 4). Prof. Charles Moskos, a respected military sociologist and member of the Congressional Commission, wrote in the panel’s Final Report:

“I am particularly perturbed by the high physical injury rate of women trainees compared to men. Likewise, I am put off by the double-talk in training standards that often obscures physical strength differences between men and women. The extraordinarily high dropout rate of women in IET cannot be overlooked (nor should the fact that females are more than twice as likely to be non-deployable than are male service members). The bottom line must be what improves military readiness.” (2).

Apart from that, women were plainly viewed to be less productive than men in most situations especially in military units. “This might have been due to lack of physical strength, lack of initiative, family responsibilities, more sick days, etc., and jobs were correspondingly divided into those suitable for each sex, such as light work for women and heavy for men.” (T. Petersen, V. Snartland and E.M.M. Milgrom 16)

But this does not mean that women cannot serve in military, it just that the field that these women serve maybe not as broad as men in military units. “[E]stablished boundaries: “Women may be assigned to all units except those with a high probability of engaging in ground combat, direct exposure to enemy fire, or direct physical contact with the enemy.” (Vogel). Women should be allowed to play a full role in military units in spite of being discriminate by the world view. “The erasure of distinctions between the sexes is not only the most striking issue of our time, it may be the most profound the race has ever confronted.” (U.S. News and World Report). In April 1993, President...

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