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"Men's Liberation" Briefly Discusses The Stereotypical Roles We Place On Men In Contemporary Society And Describes Two Conflicting Points Of View

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In today's society, men are caught up in this traditional, poisonous perception of masculinity in which all men are created to be the superior gender with special power with privilege and are self-governing, unemotional, competitive, power oriented beasts. As women have been taking roles and forming groups to counter this stereotype and bring about in society a new face on women, some men have been taking new roles as well. When the feminist movements began to really take a hold of the people around the 60's and 70's, men interested in changing conceptions of gender roles would embrace these feminist groups and form their own male liberation movement. Many of the first creators of men's ...view middle of the document...

, p.314)Society's role on man trapped men into unfulfilling, unhealthy, and alienated lives and to devalue women was the way which boys and men learned to discipline themselves to stay within the boundaries of this sex role. These men's liberation movements began to demonstrate that femininity and masculinity were "socially scripted behaviors." The majority of men however despise feminism and believe gender equality is impossible and will never happen. Some groups argue that if masculinity was in crisis, it was women's fault and the solution to the crisis was the revival of the subordination of women. A lot of anti-feminist groups believe feminism is very similar to fascism in that fascists will disregard any scientific argument unless the conclusion supports his existing belief and that fascists are quick to cast blame on someone else for anything that goes wrong in their lives and they portray these characteristics to feminism today. They believe that feminism is an attempt for women to gain more power over man and thus creates a paradox because power is the problem to begin with. These groups believe there is a significant difference between men and women and feminism tries to ignore or attack that difference and that female's natural tendency to nurture that males just do not have is a huge difference besides the fact that men are inherently more aggressive than women through testosterone. Their idea is that feminism comes to false conclusions because feminists refuse to see these differences. They also believe that women in the military is a hypocrisy and that they can't defend themselves as well as men can and that the military proves this by lowering fitness requirements for women and...

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