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Men Vs Women Essay

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Against the Myth “Powerful Men make Powerless Women”
“It’s a men’s world” we hear this line from many ladies who think that men exploit their women no matter what the relationship is. It’s a universal truth that men are born powerful and competitive. They are meant to solve the issues, lead, protect and control their women. However, the myth that powerful man does make a powerless woman is not true at all. It could probably a part of past days when women were not that educated and competitive as they are today. It mostly happens in the conservative third world where women are considered a poor creature. She is born to abide her father, brother and then her husband. But situations are changing constantly as ...view middle of the document...

At work or in a home setting, women are equally doing their responsibilities like men. And it is happening just with the support of powerful men around them who encourage them to show their potential. For example, a men who has all the power on his wife and on the other hand his wife is a well educated and intelligent women who might have the abilities to do something worthwhile, but living at the home idly, he will definitely encourage his wife and bring her to an atmosphere where she can deliver her potential. This is how a powerful man does his job. Exploiting and harassing the women to keep them at a lower level and show them that they are worth nothing is not a powerful man do. Mentally weak and anxious men usually do this to pretend that they are powerful and have the ability to oppress this poor creature called “woman”.
it has been observed that educated men boost the spirit of his fellow woman by telling her their potential to do something valuable. There is some research work that shows that it is a common phenomenon that in an organizational setting we generally expect powerful men to dominate dialogues at the same time we don’t like women doing the same. However, there is also some data to support the idea that women generally help these powerful men to make some advantageous decisions in many important matters. Conclusively, a woman needs the man’s power to retain her life similarly a man needs a woman’s power to uplift his standards of life. A powerful man takes pleasure in supporting and persuading his partner to bring out the best out from her proceeding to a better life not only at home but at work also.

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