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Robert Frost: Mending Wall Analysis

Mending Wall by Robert is a poem out of Frost second volume North of Boston (Letricchia). This poem was written during a period in his life that he had lost his son, his mother, and his daughter (2) “ Mending Wall” dramatizes the playfully imaginative man who has his world under full control ( Letricchia 3). Mending Wall tells the story about two neighbors with two different opinions about a wall that is set up between their property lines. The wall represents two of the different tales and background of each story line. The neighbors are two completely different people with two completely different backgrounds. Something is there that ...view middle of the document...

Not only do they repair it, they repair it together so it had to be benefiting both the narrator and the neighbor. After the wall broke the first time, I believe the narrator had a change of mind and decided it was time to give up on that wall. For multiple springs, the two individuals were living their normal lives, while continuing to mend the wall so for the narrator to just up and say that there should not be a wall there is one sided in my eyes. Both the neighbors are good men because every time they do work with each other, to mend the wall. This tells you that both men are warm hearted, kind hearted people. I believe the wall played a factor in both men’s lives because it really made each person who they were behind closed doors. For example, the narrator could have had a good day and his mood would be messed up because of the wall, which is possibly blocking sunlight. Or, the neighbor could have had a bad day and all he wants is privacy, so the wall provided that. The writer did not go into depth about how the wall actually affected each of their personal lives day in and day out.
The narrator and the neighbor live their completely different lives while the wall is up. Frost's narrator questions the reasoning, noting that neither his apple trees nor his neighbor's pine trees are likely to encroach on the other's property. He says, "Before I built a wall I'd ask to know what I was walling in or walling out and to whom I was like to give offense." He also observes, both at the poem's opening and again midway through the poem, "Something there is that doesn't love a wall," referring to the forces of nature that bring a wall to decay and require it to be repaired and rebuilt. But the neighbor is not receptive to the narrator's doubts, quoting again at the poem's close that "Good fences make good neighbors."
The narrator can be from a whole different part of life and used to different weather and environment so that can play can apart of why the two are completely different and feel as such about the wall that come to mend. The narrator of “Mending Wall” does not give up easily, he tries again tempting his neighbor to enter into the fictive world with him and to share his experience with of play (Letricchia). ‘They see differently eye to eye about to wall. The neighbor looks at the wall as a sense of privacy and a good source of living. He believes the fence is necessary to keep a peaceful relationship with your neighbor; that’s why he says “Good fences make good neighbors” .The narrator thinks the wall is blocking out society and implies that he is caged in. In this poem the narrator is more of a practical man and the neighbor is un-commutative. The narrator is more down to earth maybe because Robert Frost was and that’s how he wanted to make the narrator. I believe the only way in which the wall can be torn down between two individuals is for each to have the ability to see and accept the differences with one another....

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