Mental Disorders And Crime Essay

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Schizotypal personality disorder is classified as a Cluster A personality disorder. The cause of schizotypal personality disorder is unknown. However, this type of personality disorder is more common in relatives of schizophrenics with the genes of the family unit is involved in assisting in the diagnosis of this type of personality disorder. Moreover people with this type of disorder usually do not have psychotic symptoms (New York Times, 2013)
To better understand schizotypal personality disorder, we must first understand the definition. According to our text, Schizotypal personality disorder is defined as “characterized by a pervasive pattern of social and interpersonal ...view middle of the document...

Common signs of schizotypal personality disorder include odd behavior, appearance, speech, no close friends, improper display of feelings, and awkwardness in social situations.
Treatment for schizotypal personality disorders includes psychotherapy which includes a supportive client centered environment including both individual and group counseling. Medications are used for the treatment of this type of disorder which focuses on the more acute phases of psychosis which is usually transitional. Inclusion of anti-psychotic medications in most cases effectively resolves the psychosis.
It has been found that conduct disorders such as schizotypal disorders were related to “all offense categories and adult antisocial personality disorders” (Davison, Janca, 2012). Offenses related to these disorders include kidnapping, burglary, theft, and arson. The individual may or may not use firearms; however usually includes violence. Moreover, the use of illegal or the abuse of prescription drugs are involved in the criminal acts of individuals with schizotypal disorders (Davison, Janca, 2012).
When I worked with the Human Resource Agency with the mental disabled, I had a client who was diagnosed with schizotypal disorder along with other diagnosed mental illnesses. This client was a 42 year old female and was a classic example of the Cluster A personality disorders. During our initial meeting, she appeared at the meeting dressed in at least three tops, two skirts, and several shawls. During the interview she did not make eye contact, and was very secretative about her life. After several weeks of intensive discussions, I had the opportunity to visit her apartment. She lived in a gated community and rarely came outside. During my visit with her in her apartment, she explained she was hiding from an abusive ex-husband, and the government was ensuring that the abusive ex-husband would not cause her any trouble. She spent most days inside her apartment. She kept a journal of her daily activities which included, the date and times she would turn on/off the air conditioner, the date and time she would receive knocks on her door, she continuously stated that she had people looking into her...

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