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For the sake of this assignment I will have to use the term “client” very loosely for this population. One interaction I can think of is with D.B. an 8 year-old girl who has been diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD). ODD as described in our text, is characterized by a pattern of defiant, hostile, and negativistic behaviors (Lambert, 2005; AACAP, 2009). For D.B, she would often display behaviors towards others that were vindictive and spiteful in nature, she would through temper tantrums at a drop of a dime, frequently act out inappropriately by deliberately doing things that annoy others and persistently test limits, as well as be hypersensitive or touchy in regards to others ...view middle of the document...

B.’s maladaptive behaviors and to increase parental interactions by providing suggestions for setting limits, modeling, and structure and routine.

2. Based on your readings identify 2 "play activities" that provide age appropriate outlets for feelings and thoughts in children. Reflect on your experiences to date working with pediatric clients. Have you seen those types of "play activities" being used in therapy? Did you feel that the goal was for the child to express feelings/thoughts? Write a long-term goal of your own for what you might work on with children who demonstrate behavioral issues.

Using play as a modality provides age appropriate expression of feeling and thoughts in children due to the emphasis on productivity and participation, which in turn contributes to an increase in their satisfaction (Lambert, 2005). For example one play activity that provides this type of outlet for children would be a creative task group, which emphasizes parallel play with another individual, therefore interactions focus on following step by step directions, sharing material with others, impulse control, optimal problem solving strategies, and improving healthy communication skills. In my own personal experience I have seen this type of play activity used, but it wasn’t in a therapy context, however it was in the child’s natural environment at home where the mother set up this type of activity for the child and her peer. As previously discussed, another play activity would include “The Talking, Feeling, and Doing Game” (Lambert, 2005), where opportunity for expression of feelings and thoughts are fostered. This type of play is a little more demanding. Personally, I haven’t seen this type of play activity itself in my own experiences. however I can certainly see how it could be very beneficial for a child who has behavioral issues.

LTG: Client will demonstrate an increase in his/her ability to express thoughts and feelings in an appropriate manner, within 4 weeks.

3. Based on your readings and personal experiences do you feel that team-building groups are important for adolescents? Why? What are the objectives and goals for team building activities? Briefly explain one "team-building" group that you have participated in/observed. Did you feel that the goal of "team-building" was accomplished as a result of the group activity?

I believe that teambuilding is a very important part of adolescence, especially since at this stage of their development they will be preparing for...

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