Mental Health Worksheet Essay

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MHF Module: Investing In Mental Health

Mental Health Worksheet

Part 1

Research mental health in a country other than the United States.

An example of a mental heath problem is provided below.

Example: |
According to the World Health Organization (2005) Botswana, Africa, spends only 1% of the country’s health budget on mental health. The country does offer locations in communities for the training of mental health nurses. There are also community care facilities for patients suffering from mental disorders. However; due to a lack of psychiatrists in the country, the mental health trained nurses are responsible for ...view middle of the document...

And they go on to say that around 173 million Chinese suffer from a mental disorder, according to a 2009 study published in British medical journal The Lancet. But there are only 20,000 psychiatrists, equaling 1.5 for each 100,000 people, or a tenth of the ratio in the United States. Professor Michael Phillips, director of the Shanghai Mental Health Center at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, estimated that only 5% of people who currently have a mental illness in China have received psychiatric care from a professional."The factors that affect the low care-seeking rates are many," he said. "Lack of awareness that they suffer from a psychiatric condition, lack of locally available mental health services, fear of stigma, belief that seeking psychological help will be useless, costs, etcetera." (2014/05/06). |

Part 2

Research agencies and programs in your local area that promote mental health.

Complete the following table with a minimum of two agencies you found.

Agency/Program | Mental health needs met by the agency/program |
Blue Mountain Recovery Center | According to Blue Mountain Recovery Center (BMRC) they are an adult mental health care. BMRC serves civilly committed individuals with severe and...

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