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Lidia Medina
Prof. Connor
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April 13, 2011

In 2000, The British Journal of Psychiatry published the article “Involuntary Out-patient Commitment and reduction of Violent Behavior in Persons with Severe Mental Illness” in which states that serious violent acts committed by individuals with mental illnesses are statistically rare events. Still, the potential for violence in a proportion of persons with severe, persistent and often untreated ...view middle of the document...

A violent behavior is often a sign of a psychological disorder and has become the first reason to make a person go under treatment. According to a study made by the North Carolina University, a mentally disabled person is more likely to “have been picked up by police or arrested for physical assault on another person, has been in fights involving physical contact or had threatened someone with a weapon” (Swanson, Jeffrey W. et. Al 5). Considering this, a mental disabled should receive treatment immediately after the first act of violence is committed. As a result, he or she would not be able to act, physically or verbally, against anybody.
Marvin S. Swartz, MD relates the story of George D. Murphy who was “dangerous, violent, and mentally disturbed.” At the age of fifteen this boy committed his fact act of violence. Swartz maintains that mental health problem should be treated since the first sign of mental distortion. “At the very least the state should have sought a court order to place Murphy in a mental health facility to diagnose and possibly treat him” (Swartz). With this evidence Marvin asserts that if the forced treatments were legal, Murphy would correct is problem of violence and mental illness before it was too late.
Mentally disable people are responsible of four perfect of the murders committed each year in the United States. Being these people more violent than the other percentage of habitants they tend to hurt people that are not ill. Barbara J. Burns PhD asserts that “people with severe mental illness and a history of violence and routinely allowed to have among us secure and unmonitored.” This is the main reason of why mentally disable people should go under treatment even if...

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