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Mental Process Paper

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Mental Process PaperOI/361University of PhoenixMental Process PaperEvery organization will have accomplishments and failures that develop from making decisions. Being familiar with management decision making is very important, especially in today's market. Creative Intelligence describes the aspects of personality that drive is to achieve outstanding results (Rowe, 2004). Identifying an individual's creative intelligence will help a person understand the style that best describes the individual. Creative intelligence is what refers to the way people use their creative ability. Every ...view middle of the document...

This person insists on precise defined and thorough research, evaluates data carefully, and favors facts over estimation. The intuitive style is interested in data rather than labor projects. The innovative style can help organizations minimize risk and make decisions based off of data. An example of occupations that fit this style is: scientist, inventors, engineers, and researches.Imaginative StyleThe imaginative style is the ability to visualize opportunities, is artistic, enjoys writing, and thinks "out of the box" (Rowe, 2004). People who fall within the imaginative style are people who are great leaders, creative thinkers, and can envision great opportunities within an organization. Organization now see the value of having an imaginative employee, imaginative employees are responsible for creating the companies vision statements, new products, and in charge of renovations. A great quality of this type of being is not being afraid of change.Inspirational StyleThe inspirational style focuses on social change and the giving of self towards that end (Rowe, 2004). The inspirational style is similar to the imaginative style, it is of great value and you must understand what it can bring to the organization. A person with this style can be great leaders, motivators, instill belief into employees. An inspirational person cam be a great asset to a company, without inspiration the morale of a company can plummet.Mental Models and MindsetsThe decision making within an organization is greatly affected by the mental models of managers, regardless of which creative intelligence style one may have. There are many factors that can influence the mental models. The most obvious are education, training, and rewards. The mental models can change within a period of time or with the change of an individual's perception. The creative...

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