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Some words or phrases that I have found in describing entrees that refers to taste, texture, and other features that contribute to dining please are “melt in your mouth,” “unsurpassed,” “perfection,” “they are to die for,” “king of steaks,” “full flavor,” “tangy,” “accented,” “with your choice,” “served with,” “savory,” “rich,” “gourmet,” “golden brown,” “hearty,” “tender,” and “seasoned.”
The power of these terms in the advertising of goods in a menu is absolutely necessary. It is important for customers to get the idea of satisfaction and enjoyability in their minds to entice them to order a certain dish. Adjectives, or these describing words, has the ability to boost the power in your ...view middle of the document...

2.Identify language used in describing entrees that emphasizes value? For example, are menu items described as “bargains,” “specials,” “super buys,” etc. What do these terms say about the restaurant?
Some examples of language used in describing entrees that emphasize value such as “unlimited sides”, “good buy,” and “low price.”
Terms like these tell a lot about a restaurant. They may mean that the restaurant is striving for customer value. By using this type of language, you are affecting the way that you address your business. The power of these adjectives are important in attracting new customers. They are making the customers believe that – If you eat here, you will get great value for your money. You are telling them that you care about their money and understand the strains that have been placed on today's economy.
3.What differences can you identify in the menu language of expensive restaurants and fast food eateries? Which of the above three emphases is most pronounced for different kinds of foods?
There are huge differences between the menu language of expensive restaurants and those of fast food eateries. Fast food eateries do not place too much emphasis on these important terms and adjectives. They often state the product and the price, only. On the other hand, expensive restaurants strive to place customer satisfaction in the mind of consumers. They like to offer adjectives in their food descriptions to entice people to try their...

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