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Metabolic Process Notes These Are Just Notes For

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Chemical Basis of Life (1)Biology is the study of living organisms. In turn, organisms are chemical machines, i.e. organisms are composed of molecules, which are collections of smaller units called atoms. Therefore, we need to consider the chemistry of life or biochemistry.Chemical Bonding-electrons occupy various positions (distances) from the nucleus of an atom, known as energy levels.-as an electron moves further from the nucleus of an atom, its potential energy increases. Why? Energy is input to reduce its everyday attraction to the positively charged nucleus.-the outermost orbital or energy levels are termed the valence orbital; the valence electrons ** the chemical behaviour of an atom ...view middle of the document...

Chemical Basis (3)2.Covalent Bonds-This bond types forms when two atoms share one or more pairs of electrons.-atoms in the periodic table have been assigned an electronegativity number (based upon experiments)-the larger the electronegativity number, the stronger the bond the atom attracts electrons in a covalent bond.-covalent bonds are stronger than ionic bonds because of the sharing of electrons places the nucleic close together whereas ionic bonds are essentially fields of attraction-the electronegativity difference is the difference in the electronegativity number between the atoms participating in a covalent bond.e.g. if the electronegativity difference is 0 (let's say between 24 atoms) the electron pair will be shared equally, resulting in a non-polar covalent bond.-if the electronegativity difference is greater than 0, but less than 1.7, the result is a polar covalent bond.-if the difference is equal to, or greater than 1.7, generally forms an ionic bond.-covalent bonds that share two pairs of electros...

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