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Metaphysics Testing Essay

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What is Philosophy? | A rigorous and systomatic examination of ethical, political, metaphysical and epistemological issues, armed with a distinctive method. |
What are the two types of philosophical approaches? | Positive character and negative character. |
What is the positive character approach to philosophy? | You are trying to understand everything at a deep level. You find firm truths upon which to begin. |
What is the negative character approach to philosophy? | An approach in which you are denying there is true philosophy by offering criticism and being skeptical. |
What is metaphysics? | "Beyond the physical." Branch of philosophy dealing with the nature of reality, ...view middle of the document...

What was Thales' contribution to philosophical thought? | He postulated that the world could be reduced to a basic stuff in which all things could come from. He believed that stuff was water. |
What was Anaximines' contribution to philosophical thought? | He also believed all things could be reduced to a basic stuff, but he believed the stuff was fire. He is known for his work on the laws of rarefaction and condensation. |
What was Empedocles' contribution to philosophical thought? | He believed in four main elements from which all things come, earth, wind, fire and water. |
What was Xenophanes' contribution to philosophical thought? | He was a critic of religious views, probably the earliest person to criticize anthropomorphism. |
What was Hereclitus' contribution to philosophical thought? | He believed all things are flowing, in flux. He compares reality to the constant movement of a river. |
Who said, "No man steps into the same river twice"? | Hereclitius |
What was Phythagoras' contribution to philosophical thought? | He believed that number are the basis of everything there is. He had a monastic community predicated on metaphysical duality. |
What is asceticism? | Focus on the soul over the body. This is accomplished through strict discipline and study of philosophy, math, music and astronomy. |
Who said, "I am only a lover of wisdom"? | Pythagoras |
What is metaphysical dualism? | We are made of two things, the body and the soul. When the body and soul mix, it causes strife. |
What did the Presocratic thinkers believe? (Ionian Cosmologists) | They used reason and logic and believed that everything could be broken down into a basic element(s). |
Who were the Sophists? | Sophist comes from the Greek word sophia, meaning wiseman. They taught rhetoric for a fee. |
What is rhetoric? | The study of language sckill so that you can persuade and manipulate. |
What is a dialectic? | Dialectic is the process of using counterpoint to evaluate in order to come to the truth. |
What is Socratic ignorance? | A self-description by Socrates that he didn't know anything. |
What is Socratic irony? | In the writings of Plato, in the beginning, Socrates claims to not know something and his opponent claims to know. By the end, the opposite is true. |
What is the Socratic method? | A method of instruction in which the teacher leads the studen by means of a series of questions and answers so that the student comes to the conclusion by themselves. |
What is meant by Socrates the Midwife? | Socrates helps the person to give birth to the truth that lies within them. |
Who were the Phythia? | The priestesses of the Temple of Apollo, the home of the Delphic Oracle. |
What is ambiguous? | There are two possible clear meanings and we don't know which is proper. |
Why does the Oracle say that no man is wiser than Socrates? | Because Socrates knew what he knew, and he also knew when he...

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