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Best Approach to Treating Cocaine Addiction
Melacia Cullars, Tommy Foster, Taylor Hagin, Mark Sturgess
Psychology 335
February 16, 2015
Professor Jennifer Slothower

Best Approach to Treating Cocaine Addiction
Currently the research that Rawson et al. (2002) notes that methadone treatment is deemed the best treatment for cocaine addiction. Methadone is a synthetic agent that occupies the receptors that have been occupied by cocaine in the brain to relieve euphoria, intoxication and withdrawal symptoms. The real issues arise from the length of methadone treatment. Even though researches show that, no ill effects arise from continual use. However, the Center for Disease Control (2002) ...view middle of the document...

In this case, the first approach to sampling patients is identifying the patient characteristics. In this research, the patients under the study will be those who have continued their initial methadone treatment (1 year) and are off the treatment but placed under CBT and CM. The other group will comprise of patients who are continuing with methadone as a standalone treatment after one year. Information regarding such patients will be collected from three major hospitals dealing with cocaine addicts. Once a list of patients from the two groups is formed and their consent to participate in the research obtained, random sampling of each group of patients will take place. Random sampling is ideal because it ensures that variations between the selected sample and actual population are by chance, not selection bias. Stratified random sampling will be specifically used where potential patients are divided into the two groups and then select patients randomly from each sample.
Using the Survey Systems, an online calculator that determines sample size, this research will recruit 384 participants. This is based on a confidence level of 95%, confidence interval of + or -5%, the national population of cocaine addicts (not users), which is roughly 1,000,000. Hence, more potential participants from both groups should be obtained to allow random selection of 192 participants per group (American Gastroenterological Association, 2015).
Statistics Employed
The research study will employ both inferential and descriptive statistics. According to Banyard, and Grayson (2007), descriptive statistics tend to quantitatively describe major features of information or data obtained in the research. This simply means that descriptive statistics summarize the data collected in a research into more understandable language. In this case, using descriptive statistics in form of tables or graphs would be of benefit in quantifying the data collected in a manner that researchers or those reading the research can understand. Inferential statistics will be critical because this study because with only a small portion of the population being under study, it would be difficult to derive any parameters that provides the characteristics of the entire population of cocaine addicts. In this light, inferential statistics will be critical in generalization or drawing conclusions that will be able to tell whether CBT and CM is likely to benefit cocaine addicts after their initial methadone treatment when compared to cocaine addicts who continue using methadone. The T-Test will be particularly helpful when it comes to examining the differences between patients using methadone and those using CBT and CM to enable draw the conclusions.
Definition of variables
As Hayes (2002) notes, the independent variable is the condition that a researcher systematically manipulates. In this case, the independent variable is the drug treatment. This means that CBT and CM, as well as, methadone are...

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