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Methods Used To Make The Opening Battle Sequenceo

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Saving Private Ryan
In this essay, I will talk about the methods used to make the opening battle sequence of “Saving Private Ryan” both shocking and realistic and how effective it is as an introduction to the film. The film is about the D-Day of the Second World War.The battle sequence shows how shocking the war was. The film maker use very different ways to show how the war is terrifying,and for this uses many techniques which add to effects the make the most of the opening battle scene more realistic and shocking. The three main methos that were used in this film was special effects, camera angles and graphic actions. In this essay, I will split the opening battle scene into four ...view middle of the document...

The second section of the opening scene was “the instant chaos”. As the camera turns away from the iron hedgehog and sets to a close up of Captain Miller’s shaking hands. The camera zooms out from the kettle. The kettle was shaking which shows how nervous Captain Miller is. Also as the camera zooms away from the single image of captain image of Captain Miller,which shows how important he is and aslo shows that he is the leader of the soldiers. The camera also shows all the other solders individually. With the sound effects raising, such as the clanging of the bottle and the man being sick at the front of the boat, it makes the audience feels tension rising

What’s more effective about the scen where the soldiers are still on the engine boat is that as soon as the boat door opens, chaos has suddenly enters the film. Sudden chaos takes over as German soldiers fire their guns at the only recently arrived Americans. At this part, Spielburg has the cameras being set over the German soldiers’ shoulder. This is also effective as it gives a view of their actions. As the sldiers are suddenly taken down one by one with the diegetic sound of the rushing bullets, the handheld cameras are immediately brought out. They follow a few of the surcicing soldiers into the sea. As the camera drifts above the water, the chaos is back, but as it goes underneath the water, in a way there is even more chaos than there is above the water. This is because the sound is muted as to be a soldier’s prespective, and I seperates the audience from what’s happening above the water.

The third scene was the “ Captain Miller’s confusion”. In this scene, Speilberg shows the idea of being shell-shcoked. As a shell loudly crashes into the beach near where Captain Miller is walking. This is greatly shown by the camera shaking to add more chaos and shows that there is more destruction in this scene.As Captain Miller is shocked, the cameras zoom into a close up of him in jerky slow motion. It creates the...

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