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Since the beginning, people have sought to rule over the population whom were already where living in the young country know as Mexico. It all dated back to the Spanish Conquest when the Spanish, led by Hernando Cortez, enslaved most of Latin America. The notorious Mexican Drug Cartel’s didn’t one day decide to take over the failing country. It was a series of events that led up to the downfall of the government and the rise of a new age. That new age still exists today and is growing every second. The Cartel’s gained their power during the Cold War when Mexico’s government was focused on “internal enemies” when they were killing their own people thought to be in “guerilla groups”. These so ...view middle of the document...

Also, police corruption is a major problem because the cartels do not have to face the consequences for their crimes. A cartel group called The Zetas cartel uses old police officers and government officials who are now in drug business. So not only does the Mexican Government have to deal with thugs and criminal masterminds but they must investigate and keep a close eye on one another during the whole process. Many police officers in Mexico give into the temptation of the drug life because in many cities they earn less than teachers and other low ranking jobs in Mexico. Former Mexican president Felipe Calderón attempted to fix the problem of police corruption by increasing the role of the military in the fight against drug cartels. In some parts of Mexico, the military has been deployed to supplement and replace local police forces. Mexico's judicial system is also highly susceptible to corruption. Even when public officials are arrested for working with a cartel, they are rarely convicted.
The United States sees the Drug Cartels in Mexico as a legitimate threat to our country and has given Mexico billions of dollars to try and stop the severe threat we face right across the border. The U.S. Justice Department considers the Mexican drug cartels as the “greatest organized crime threat” to the United States. Mexico got the United States to supply money because as they pointed out, the illicit drug trade is a shared problem between both countries, and mention that most of the financing for the Mexican traffickers (drug cartels) comes from American drug consumers. So basically what they are trying to say is...

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