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Mexican Drug Violence Essay

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"Our excessive use of drugs indicates a deep despair in the country. Drug problems are just bringing us that message. When despair is greatest, drug use is greatest: the very poor and the very rich. Barrios and boredom produce a need to escape. What to do about barrios and boredom? Killing the messenger (jailing drug users) has only made the problem worse. It is easier to declare war on the messenger than to do something about the message” (Peter McWilliams “Ain’t Nobody’s Business If You Do: The Absurdity of Consensual Crimes in a Free Society). The Mexican Drug War is a monstrous, armed conflict among drug cartels who fight each the for regional control, and is also among the ...view middle of the document...

According to the Public Broadcasting System, drug cartels will recruit any child or adult to suffice their wants and needs. If that person refuses they will be killed. These people are recruits because they fear the cartels and the drug lords themselves. Drug cartels have infiltrated the underpaid police with their massive recourses. These cartels have penetrated the government right to the top officials, according to BBC News: Latin America & Caribbean. According to Duff and Rygler the government officials that are not participating with the cartels are sick of the crimes and the violence. They are highly considering the thought of legalizing all drugs in Mexico. Cartels and their drug lords are so powerful that they are sending out armies to enforce their ways.
Feared like monsters, cartels use violence to achieve their goals. According to the Public Broadcasting System, children are highly vulnerable as both a target and as a recruit. Fourteen year olds are being influenced by drugs and threatened by drug lords to kill, sell, kidnap, and to inform. These kids are being recruited as young as eleven. Female migrants are being displaced due to these cartels. They are the targets of the sex traffickers, killings, and recruitments because no one will even look for them, according to Forsythe. Duff said that in order for drug cartels to maintain power after the loss of a lord they will kidnap, steal, and extort more. Doing these things also gives them more money. In July, for the first time in drug war history a car bomb was used, killing four people in Cuidad Juarez. In August, 72 bodies were...

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