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Mexico Essay

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Christa Decker 10-8-14Descriptive Essay Simonds p.7This past August I got the opportunity to travel to Mexico with a group of over 100 doctors and volunteers from all over the globe. It was the most influential experience I had ever been a part of.As I sat on the hot, run down bus surrounded by my group members, I watched as the images of houses and barbed wire fences went whizzing by. Tiny gated in communities made up of identical stucco buildings passed by one after the other. The communities became less frequent and were replaced with decaying buildings and garbage filled streets. As we neared the center of Ecatepec, more and more people began to appear. I wondered where they were all ...view middle of the document...

Children and their families filled the seats, waiting for their turn to meet with the doctors. I watched the children go back and forth between the rooms that surrounded the lobby. First the pediatrician, then vitals, then the plastic surgeon, then the speech pathologist. I heard the cries coming from the vitals room where children were getting their blood drawn for the first time. Volunteers waited outside the room with balloons and teddy bears, ready to console them and tell them how brave they were. Constant flashes of bright light filled the room as children ran around with their new gifts. I reached into my backpack to grab some balloons and before I knew it there was a group of smiling faces surrounding me. I began handing out one after the other as they shouted "¡Para mi hermana también!" and "¡Gracias!". I told them all I had to go but would see them the next day, and packed up my things. Next stop was the pre-op ward.I traveled down the hallway, using what little spanish I knew to say hello to the people passing. At the end of the hallway was a large sign indicating the pre-op ward. I walked as quickly as I could without jumping out of my socks, and was greeted by one of the nurses, Vivian. She brought me into the small room, where the next four children were waiting in their hospital gowns that seemed five sizes too big. It was a tiny room consisting of three beds and a few chairs. One of the nurses had laid down a mat for the children to play on, which was scattered with all types of toys. The walls were covered with flowers and pages ripped out of coloring books. Vivian briefed me on what needed to be done that day and I set out to fill cups with juice for the kids. Once that was done, I began making more construction paper flowers and hearts to mask the prison-like feel of the ward. This is when I met Ursula, a 10 year old girl from Mexico City who would be undergoing a cleft lip revision procedure. Her jet black hair was pulled back into a ponytail, her skin a light coffee brown. She looked up at me with her huge brown eyes and asked if I had any more coloring books. Of course, I unzipped my backpack and pulled out 10 different books ranging from Mickey Mouse to Angry Birds, and a pack of 100 crayons. She picked the coloring book filled with pictures of puppies, and we sat there and colored together on the mat surrounded by the other children. We nearly made it halfway through the book when one of the nurses said she needed to get vitals redone and go straight to the 'Child Life' room. I immediately volunteered to bring her and her mother and we walked together, her hand in mine, back down the long mundane hallway into the lobby.When we got there, we went directly into the vitals room where the nurse prepared Ursula to get her blood taken. She watched as the nurse injected her with nothing more than a single flinch. She walked out of the room with a smile on her face and held a cotton ball in between her arm as...

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