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Mexicos Fight For Independence Essay

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Fight for the Independence of MexicoCauses of IndependencThere were many circumstances both in Europe and in New Spain that lead the way to an independent Mexico. The ways of the world were changing and America was no exception. People began to take in new idea and it was during this period that we see a shift in the world powers.GROWTH WITHOUT DEVELOPMENTAlthough we see that in the XVIII century New Spain was flourishing it had never been more dependant or exploited by Spain. The society became hugely divided, on one end the rich Europeans, also known as gachupines and on the other a huge population of deprived and destitute criollos.Between the years 1740 and 1803 the prime export to Spain ...view middle of the document...

So although this might seem to have been a time of prosperity there was an inefficient distribution of wealth, the richer got richer and the poor poorer. The only ones that benefited from the growth of New Spain was the European and the high class creoles. By the end of the century the conditions of the Indians and meztizos class had gotten worse, hunger spread through the country side and the mines became like prisons for the workers. Another huge problem was that the masses grew uncontrollably in the cities. Hate began to grow in the masses towards the rich that benefited from their misery. Obviously small revolts began to be seen with more frequency thought-out the country. For many years the people had not been happy with Spanish rule and it was sooner or later that their suffering would explode in riot.NEW IDEASIn addition to the extensive misery of the people of New Spain there were also external causes that lead New Spain into the independent movement. New ideas began to come about all over the globe. In France, Jean-Jacques Rousseau's ideas of liberty, equality, and brotherhood that eventually led to the French Revolution impacted the rest of the world during this period. For Rousseau society itself is an implicit agreement to live together for the good of everyone with individual equality and freedom. Soon everyone started talking about equality, sovereignty, 1786 and Haiti in 1804 gained independence from powerful monarchs and the idea independent states, and fair representation.Neighboring states such as the United States in of sovereignty becomes contagious throughout the colonies of the world. They were ready to fight for what was rightfully theirs.Stages of the IndependenceFIRST ATTEMPT: JUNTA OF 1808The forced removal of Ferdinand VII from the Spanish thrown and his replacement by Joseph Bonaparte, Napoleon's brother raised the question as to who was to govern New Spain. Both the Spanish born peninsulares or guachapins and Mexican-born criollos had different proposals. Neither peninsulares nor upper class criollos desired to involve the masses of native Indians and mestizos in government but both had very different ideas as to who should be the new leader of New Spain.In 1808 the Viceroy Jose de Iturrigaray's attempted to form a Junta Provisional with creole group but of course this idea was apposed by the Real Audiencia in Mexico City who was determined to maintain obedience to the regency and the junta of Seville. In fear of any reforms that would lead to independence in an armed attack on the palace, peninsulares arrested Iturrigaray and but puppet Pedro Garibay in charge. The Real Audiencia also carried out harsh punishments against all criollos who were suspected of disloyalty. Although reform movements paused, political and economic instability in Europe continued as well as hardship and unrest in the Americas.This could be considered the first stage of independence. We see here the creoles try to regain their rights as...

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