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Mgmt 408 Week 1 Essay

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March 10, 2013
MGMT 408 Management of Technology Resources


Midsouth Chamber of Commerce or MSCC has existed since the 1900’s. The Midsouth area was highly dependent on transportation systems and as a result of legislative decisions, many communities in the Midsouth area could not gain access to reasonable transportation services (Brown, Dehayes, Hoffer, Martin, & Perkins). This organization has withstood many changes, and it started originally as a lobbing body for transportation access issues. Then it grew in the 1930s to encompass issues that affect business such as state banking laws, industrial development, and ...view middle of the document...

MSCC had Lassiter and Kovecki’s concern over the lack of top management attention to the information systems area, which is a vital part of the growing organization. The MSCC’s concern on impact of implementing a new system is in reference to their reserve, according to Lassiter would only consume 10-15 percent of reserves. Another problem is that UNITRAK had only sold the same software to just one company and without any hesitation or any kind of research, Lassiter made the recommendation to the committee about the new implementation of the software and its advantage to MSCC without anticipating other issues that could arise after the software implementation without further research.


The main problem with MSCC was that they have failed to invest in information technology systems from the start. The committee’s priority is to save the reserves and only hire a consultant for IT issues when needed, instead of having a full time staff for its own internal IT concerns. With this in mind, they have utilized the same software and hardware for years of operation without proper upgrade. With the increased in demand for their services comes the need for a better software and hardware to keep track of their clients as well as their database. With only one person in their IT department, the increasing workload is too much for any one person.

Lassiter managed to find the solution to make their employees more productive therefore increasing the company’s revenue. With the new software, and Lassiter making the necessary meetings with the company,...

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